Scratch board build

Okay so I’m gonna build a board from scratch to include the trucks, the board, etc… but here is my setup so far

200x 30q cells (already ordered) 2x 6374 149kv turning sk3 motors (already ordered) 2x VESC (own 1 ordering another soon) 1x 12S BMS (needing reliable recommendations please) 1x Custom motor mounts for my trucks

Now my question is this, my enclosure can house a 12s12p pack with room for the bms and 2 vesc with wiggle room left over… what I was thinking of doing is 2x 12s6p packs and incorporating a switch to flip between the 2 packs but even so… my pack at 12s6p is still outputting 90amps continuous 240a burst, can 2 vesc take that? Correct me if my math is wrong on that but again the cells are 30q’s


Trucks need to be welded and threaded, and need to go find my square tubing… but here are some pics, 10" tires 33"x9" deck stencil (might make it longer still undecided)

Buddy came through w/ the bulletproof glass today woot woot, and he got me an extra piece, which means 2 BOARDS!!!

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200 Samsung 30Q cells is enough for 4 boards. Also if you want a chance at running super-quiet motors you may want to run 10S voltage. What brand are the VESC?

By build the trucks, do you mean machine the truck hangers?


I mean im fabbing some suspension trucks that resemble trampa’s for roughly 60$ in material (my time is where I guess it’s a loss, but I can can them faster than they can ship from UK to the US)

Quiet is outta the question already lol, I’m going to be running a chain drive system it’s an e-mtb

The vesc are 4.12 from (at least the one I have already is I was thinking of getting 2 vesc 6 but I’ll upgrade to those a little later)

And I bought 200 because 144 cells is such an arbitrary order plus if any cells are doa I dont have to wait for them to send more out

Also 200 cells put me in a cheaper price bracket per cell

This is a big difference.


I’d be careful and try to work with only 150 cells because selling 50 brand new 30Q around here will be no problem. You’re going to have INSANE range with 144 cells.

The bestech D122, D140, D205V1 are good for 12S. Will you run bypassed - or discharging via BMS?

The VESC4 circuit will not reach 90A continuous. That’s enough to run a pair of vesc4. You don’t want to run your cells at max current anyway because it eats up their lifespan.

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It will be 2x vesc and 2x 6374 sk3 149kv motors Insane range is what I’m going for, have to commute 30miles one way for work everyday 6 days a week.

I’m not sure about the discharging idk the pros and cons vs bypassing the bus or going through it

I was curious if the vesc would limit the cells input current somehow without the 90a killing them, not really sure if that’s a thing

Do you think valve springs from a car would be too stiff or just right for use in the trucks lol… I have a bunch of valve springs laying around my garage most are new because I rebuild motors (more often than I like) in my free time for friends… they go to chevy 350 heads

VESC can limit the battery current in both directions; yes. You can limit it to 50A/out and 20A/in if you want, or any other number. I would hook up all the 12P and not disconnect half of it. That will stress the cells less and minimise voltage sag. Not that you’ll have a problem with either, but might as well minimise it even more if the cells are there.

30 miles is going to take an hour or two each way depending on terrain, will you have time for that? It’ll be the most fun ever though and you’ll want Monday to come sooner so you can ride again. Also will the board be able to charge while you’re at work? Do you have electric skateboard experience? What about longboard or trick board experience?

I have 0 eboard exp. But I have ridden trampa’s boards in Spain (non-motorized) I did down hill long boarding in Washington state with speeds around 50-60mph (w/ proper slide gear) and I used to skate vert in HS, ik my way around a board, oh yea I almost forgot, I built a gas board using an itallian logging chainsaw from the 80s topped it out at 45mph at the beach before I ate shit and went skipping across the sand like a flat stone on water haha


Stencil for the board with proper angles, modeled after trampas holypro 30°

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30Q cells are good for 20A continuous discharge. Not that it matters with the sheer size of battery pack you’re running, but just so you know…

I wouldn’t run a trampa styled deck. They have zero concave meaning your feet slide off without straps. Even then, turning is a bitch with a flat deck.

It will have a concave, that was my biggest gripe about trampa as well, and it will have straps

Although it’s unorthodox I will be making the deck out of bulletproof polycarbonate, as well as carbon fiber, and a Kevlar version as well… I want to test the durability of different materials…

The polycarbonate will be reinforced with metal flat bar, kind of like leaf springs to control the flex as well as help keep it from “snapping” like people keep saying will happen

The Kevlar, Carbon, and fiberglass will have the metal bars embedded in the middle of the board

I don’t know. I know how to find out though. Take 2 pieces of wood and screw one to the other like a seesaw. Make sure the one piece of wood sticks out just about 153mm from the pivot point on each side for a 305mm total length. See if you can place 2 springs under the wood and position them so that by standing on the arm and shifting your weight, you can get the arm to travel up and down about 6cm on the end. If you have to put the springs over halfway out towards the ends, they are too weak. If you can’t get the springs close enough to the pivot, then they are too strong.

I would have not thought of that… that is a great Idea, I will try tomorrow after work :smiley: and the best part is I have different tolerance springs

it’s great that you want to test different materials… but wood is still probably the best candidate for a ride that dampens/absorbs vibrations.

Valve springs have a huge spring constant. They are really rigid, as for using them in this application, not sure if anyone has tried this.

yea, thats why i wanna try them… they are rigid and might allow for use w/o plastic/rubber dampers… plus they are already just laying around lol.

I also like having a pretty tight low flex deck when i skate ramps and what not (just personal preference)

Dibs on extra cells if/when you sell them :wink:


lol scepterr, i’ll let you know if i decide to sell them or not… 30q’s are 30q’s after all… and extra 50 cells makes a nice 10s5p pack lol


i need to see this

@faithfulpuppy I ended up bedlining it and made the board from layers of maple veneers and a custom form/press (weights, rocks, and foam core)

I dont have many more pics lol, i was 18 when i made this back in 2011/2012