Secret Santa 2017 (Completed)

Im in aswell!!

I’m in will do survey

I’m in for the family !

I’m in! Filled out the form.

Great idea @Youssless. Looks like the karma police found you.

Not to sound like a grinch… But sending random spare parts to others may not be very beneficial. What good is sending someone a spare 50mm motor, if they run dual 63’s? Or sending an enclosure to someone who already has one, and only needs one?

What if we made a wish list, and if you see that someone wants something you have, you can check their name (anonymously) and gift it to them. Just an idea.


I’m In. But then how do you know that another person didn’t send it already?

I agree. I have a mount, dual hub motors and remote to potentially give away, but someone might get it and just end up tossing it aside/away. I’m all for giving for need and cause, but would hate to see stuff wasted.

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Because their name has been checked.

Oh Yeah that does soung great I’m in…

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filled out the form. i’ve got some things in mind to give away :grin:

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I like it. But before giving my full name with my adress out on the internet. Who gets to see that survey? Better safe than sorry so that’s why I ask :slight_smile:


damn probably should’ve asked that first lol

if someone decides to come for me, it’s probably not worth it, ive got nothing that’s useful to anyone besides me :wink:

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I’m down sounds like a great idea

:smile: one mans trash another man’s treasure :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean… if you want a hot glue gun with a pencil shoved in it, take it lol


Nah man it’s cool. You keep it :smile:

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maybe that’s what I should give someone as their secret santa :thinking:

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Perhaps I could rejig the form so that people can put a wishlist together then? I’ll see if others can submit that question without having to redo their survey. Edit: I forgot I added a special request section, perhaps people can use this for items on their wishlist

@L3chef, as it stands, I’m the only one with access to information shared on the survey I’ll only pass on your information to someone with a certain amount of likes received and read time to hopefully weed out the weirdos. If you’re not happy/feel its too risky then I’d recommend you not take part as I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to anyone here. There is always some risk with this I suppose and I won’t guarantee anything, I just hope to minimise it as best I can.


Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

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