Selling a fully built board (45MPH, 20 MILE RANGE)

Hello all, I am selling my build, I’m selling it because I just need the money right now. This board is sweet and I have not put more than 200 miles on it. The board is quality, and extremely fast, with a rider like myself who weighs 165 pounds, I have hit 45 mph on a flat surface and 52 mph going slightly downhill while tucked. It has a 20-mile range approximately, I have gotten 32 out of it as the maximum. I would wear a motorcycle helmet with it. Message me for any questions or concerns what so ever.

The board’s specs are as follows:

Deck: 1x Loaded Tesseract from Alpine Ski Shop

Trucks: 2x 218mm trucks from Torque Boards

Wheels: 4x ABEC 107mm 74A reflex (black)

Wheel Pulleys: 2x 36T HTD5 12mm from Torque Boards

Motor Mounts: 2x 63mm motor mounts from Torque Boards

Motor Pulleys: 2x 16T HTD5 12mm from Torque Boards

Speed Controller: 1x FocBox Unity

Motors: 2x Turnigy SK8 6374-192KV Sensored Brushless Motor (14P) from HobbyKing

Battery: 1x 12S4P Battery (Samsung 30Q with battery percentage indicator and on/off switch) from Torque Boards, also includes the 2 amp charger

Remote: Vanpro Electric Skateboard DIY V2 Edition 2.4G Mini Wireless Remote Control Receiver Transmit 80 Meters Away Wireless from Amazon

Longboard Nose Guard and Tail Guard: Rubber, from Amazon

Bearings: Bones Bearings Reds Bearings (8 pack W/Spacers and Washers), from Amazon

I am looking for $1,599 or best offer, feel free to negotiate with me and message me, also if its easier for you, you can text me 7033713519, that’s the fastest way to contact me!

$2350?!?!? Wtf?!?! Unity= $250 Motors = $200 Battery $350 with enclosure Wheels $90 Mounts $100 Bearings $20 Remote = questionable- it looks like the type that will cut out randomly Deck= ugliest thing ive ever seen

Your board is closer to $1000 bud, figure it out…


I am looking for $2,350 or best offer, feel free to negotiate with me and message me, also if its easier for you, you can text me 7033713519, that’s the fastest way to contact me!”

I put this for a reason, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to buy it. Also, you didn’t factor in the labor and other components into what you said.

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Your charging labors !?!? :laughing::laughing::laughing: This is a builders forum. No one cares how longs it tooks you to builds it and most can do it better and faster! I was just listing prices so peoples can get a basic overview. Board is worth $1000 and thats being generous. Potential buyers now have a baselines to go buy and can negotiates accordingly


If want to get top dollar I would sell on another site.

People here are looking for a deal.

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labor for what? You’re using off the shelf hobbyking motors, and off-the-shelf components that anyone could bolt together… and you’re charging $2350 for a board with a DUCT TAPED ON ENCLOSURE! LMAO.

You could literally buy a brand new evolve gtx board and a boosted mini for the price you’re asking. You’re either stupid or trolling. I can’t tell to be honest.


Lol, would be highly surprised if it got up to 45mph


Ima drop this right about here :sweat_smile:good luck with your overpriced sale my friend


This board is mechanically incapable of hitting 45 LOL. Check the calculator, I’ve found them accurate to the 1/10th mph. Overpriced is fine- but stop trying to lie


I think he might me measuring speed with xmatic app. That App is amazing. You can do 45 while standing still talking to your boy :exploding_head:


This is The most action this forum has seen in a while.


Leave him alone about the price

He can choose how high he wants to price it if you buy then that’s your choice


I was gonna say give ebay a shoot but he’s already on it :+1:t3:


I guess you could buy a Kaly/Lacroix at that price, or add a few hundred bucks.


45MPH? Wow. No idea how you are able to stand on it. Good luck XDDDD wait for somebody really stupid to buy it.


Bioboards look out. He drank your coolaid


You guys made him bail on his own sale thread lmfao.


His thread was ridiculous


Damn you beat me to it.



thank u sir

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