I’m buying some remotes for my e-board. Since it’s quite hard to get these remotes at a good price I decided to order more. Still, don’t know the final price since it still has to pass customs, it will probably be about €45 + shipping per set (remote & receiver) I’m located in The Netherlands

Some facts about the remote: Freq: 2,4ghz 800mAh battery Mini USB charging style 2 different ride modes

Here’s a review: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/what-remote-should-i-buy/11720/62 http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/benchwheel-remote-receiver/14171

Please let me know if you want one :smiley:

Edit : Shipping costs EU, 4-7€

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If you can figure out shipping to the US, I could possibly order a lot.

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If you got a number I could try to get a bigger discount.

I was going to just get a bunch for selling in the US. I don’t have any numbers.

I might be interested in buying one(sweden) :slight_smile:

Added shipping costs!

Im kinda curious about the reciever part, it doesnt look like a standard reciever / reciever cable. How is it plugged in, you have to split it or ?

I ordered one off here US and Canada people or anyone else really. Shipping is free takes about 1-2 months. By the time this thing goes through why not just order from here. There always on “sale” and you can use a $5 promo code for first time buyers. Then use giving back assitant to get 6% back on top of that. Works out to like $45 USD.

Because i might get it cheaper.

I can get the remotes for 36$ each shipped in bulk. However if this is the case import will add another 24% to it. Also there might be some other troubles that bring up the price. So i calculated: 36 x 1,25 = 45.

Maybe, maybe the supplier could do custom orders and ship them individually from China to each person. With this you would escape import costs because the order is <€150,- . But if I would handle all the maximum price would be €45,-

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I ordered 10pcs,

please if anyone is interested let me know. These remotes are known to be the best for a diy build!


I’d be interested in 1!

Good, will keep you updated :smiley:

What are the shipping costs to the Netherlands?:joy: or where do you live so i can pick one up?

Most of the time im in Leeuwarden, also on Terschelling alot. But i live in a small village called De Westereen. Shipping would be like a normal package and maybe i can send it with a postcard.

Damm helemaal in Friesland! woon zelf in Rotterdam. ik reageer nog wel even of ik er eentje koop. Bdw erg leuk dat de E-skate community in Nederland groeit!

thanks! Really trying to make e-sk8 bigger in Netherlands and EU.

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Do you know when they willl arrive? and what the end price would land on yet? :slight_smile:

Current status:

When it arrives, today or tomorrow it’s going through customs. They will make a bill and then it will get send to me. I expect it to arrive by thursday or friday.

For now, I calculate the costs, 36$ * 1,25 = 45$. The tax systems are really unpredictable that’s why I’m calculating 25% extra atm. Also, @fedestanco told me: In reality, shipping companies will always let you pay tax because they don’t care about the value you write on the package.Instead the ESTIMATE the value by themselves.

I would also like one. I’m from Belgium :slight_smile:

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Shipping update: Just got a message that it’s being sent overseas. It will prolly arrive over 2 weeks :confused: