Selling my full board or separate parts! Lots of parts available

Just to make it clear, 700 bucks is not that bad. I basically have the same board (just a bit better battery wise). If you tried to build it from scratch, it would end up costing more, and you need a bit of knowledge in order to put it together without damaging it. Since the 700$ market is basically non existing, it wouldn’t be a bad deal for a newbie in the diy scene. Unfortunately, most of us either already have a board better than this, or are willing to built it by ourselves. If I had an offer like this before jumping in the diy scene, I would have considered it


Stop saying it’s powerful. It’s not. People build boards a lot more powerful than this.


But they also built less powerfull ones. So we need 42 new terms for how powerfull things are?

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The average bloke on this forum will build a dual 6355 with a 3 or 4p


that deck you constructed looks pretty good man :smiley:


Powerful is fairly subjective. Maybe he has a different opinion in what the term denotes. Maybe ease up a bit since his definition doesn’t effect you in any way.


What kind of Gaming pc you looking into?

yah i was wondering the same thing…its kind of a bad time to get into PC gaming with how high graphics card prices are from bitcoin. i think in some cases its cheaper to get a prebuilt PC.

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I love that this turned into a gaming PC discussion lol

speaking of gaming… this costs les than a GTX1080ti, but wich one is more powerfull?

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I guess you have nothing else to do other than put people’s moods down, right?

I have edited the post, and apologized because I meant a different kind of “powerful”.

Also, thanks Mmaner for understanding!


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@TurtleMan I apologize if any of us seem a little harsh, it’s just that this is a DIY forum and those with a large amount of experience here know exactly what they like in a board, and the parts that you have chosen happen to cater to a smaller amount of members that are willing to buy it. Additionally, this has happened a few times where people have built boards and then tried to sell them for original cost + labor. In this case, I regret to inform you that since the labor that you put in can be done by others and that since you’ve put the parts together on the board and tested it (even on the bench), they are classified as used and therefore not worth their original cost, putting the total value of your board at less than the original cost.

That being said, I can understand any frustration that you may be feeling and I highly recommend that in order to recoup costs, you try selling the board on EBay or another similar site. It looks nice aesthetically, and someone who has no experience with boards like these will likely be more willing to pay for labor than someone here who is used to putting in the labor themselves. Again, I’m sorry if you feel offended by anything that we have said, I’m sure that that wasn’t anybody’s intention. Have a good day, and I wish you the best of luck in your sales and the building of your PC!


Look buddy, I’m not trying to call your board shit or anything. In fact, my sportster build is basically identical to yours, except with a 6355 and focbox. Just trying to communicate that the standards for “powerful” on this forum are far above what we have in our builds, commonly costing upwards of $1.2k.

With that being said, like @anorak234 said, go advertise this on a different website OR try to individually sell the parts separately. I’m eyeing up that motor mount.

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Is the vesc still for sale, if so how much?

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You still have this for sale? What are you asking now?

How much for just the motor? If it still exist?

I would be interested for $450 - shipped -in all mechanical and electronic compenents. You can keep the deck trucks and wheels , I have one I would like to put this on…


My motor is capped at 2000W, But I’m running lipos so the current can easily make it over 2000w. Mind if I call my board " Medium Powerful "? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry bro $450 is too low. I can do $650 down from $700 but that’s as low as I will get.