Sensored vs. Sensorless Motor

I’m trying to put the pieces together I need to build a board. I have been reading a lot about Sensored and Sensorless motors and not sure which to go with. The application I plan on using my board is in a unconventional way (golf course). So I need something that will start softly so I don’t tear up the fairways. From what I have read is that sensored is smoother and can get the motor turning is lower RPM’s. I’m not needing speed 10-12 mph tops. If sensored is better any recommendations on what to get? They appear to be quite a bit higher in price. Sorry if this has been covered already new to the eboard community.

I use two of these collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv and startup is very smooth. Uncensored motors need to be nudged a bit to make it out of the stutter startup.

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Sensored will start from a dead stop very smoothly – while sensorless you’ll likely have to kick-push and once you’re moving, even if slowly, the motor can take it from there. You probably want sensored based on what you said…

If the motor gets over a certain size and you have enough together, sensoreless startup can be almost as good as sensorless. For example, I don’t need to push my 4x hummie motors (unsensored) to get going. But I think my case is an extreme, haha.

For most, you will want a sensored motor. The only downside is a sensored motor has 3 more parts that can break, and you could get cogging still from the esc while the esc uses the sensors if something does go wrong with one of them, that even kick pushing won’t get rid of (you’d have to turn off the sensor mode in the esc to ride unsensored at this point).


Had this happen to my dual 6374 build I kept getting errors and cogging and sometimes I’d have a focbox restart and have no power, I figured it had to do with the hall sensors so I ran sensorless and it’s been fine ever since.


for sure the hall sensors can introduce another failure point, but having run both sensorless and sensored hybrid, for me there’s no going back to sensorless.

smooth startups without having to either push start or hip shake is just a nice luxury to have. especially if you’re doing a lot of start / stops, ie city riding.

besides, i’m not even sure if you can find sensorless motors designated for esk8s, except the sk3.

Any suggestions on what motors to use? Probably looking at a 190kv. I see Faraday has one but that seems all i can find. Looking using a 10s Lilo battery.

Here’s one Eu option. There may be others…

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what voltage battery are you using? 190kv is the most common. and where are you located?

Apparently… Bloomington,IL

Shooting for 36v. Hoping to build a battery out of 18650’s.

If you get sensored, abit more expensive but performance wise is nice. It’s really huge difference between sensored low rpm and uncensored low rpm. It also depends how low, if you plan 1 / 3 gear ratio on grass, I still prefer sensored. It also have better hill climbing power. At high rpm, both sensored / sensorless doesn’t matter. I’d always suggest to get sensored 190 kv rather than 120 kv uncensored. Although the torque of 120 kv is better, but it won’t turn on hill start.

I ride eMTB on grass and dirt road with 120kv 1:6 gear ratio and I can’t go uncensored.

yea go with a 190kv, you’ll be good at 10s (36v). you have plenty of options, torqueboards, build kit boards, psychotiller, longhairedboy, chiboards, etc.

Since it has more torque, isn’t it better than 190Kv?

If you’ll be riding on pavement I recommend 8S battery with dual sensored 5065

If you’ll be riding on grass at all, go 10S battery with dual sensored 6374

For you golf course application you need a mountain board or really big wheels small wheels will tare up the grass. Can you post a list of the things that you want to get so we can recommend something for each section. For example motor, motor mount, wheels, trucks deck. Also whats your budget?

Items needed:

Board - haven’t decided yet. May make my own. Looking for something with width 10-12" length 38-40" Trucks - MBS Matrix Pro Motor Mounts - If I remember correctly I believe someone on here made and sold them Motor - 190kv sounds like sensored is the way to go Wheels and tires - MBS FiveStar with MBS T2 tires (9") Battery - 36v (not sure on aH, don’t need speed really and some torque to get up hills. Only needs to last for 10 miles or so, that should easily get me through a full round) Budget - $1000 or less preferably. They make boards specifically for golf courses (Golf Board & Golf Skate Caddy) but $4-6k is too rich for me! I know I’m missing other things, I’m very new to this. I don’t have any of this just rough list.

@marcmt88 makes good motor mounts but a number of other folks do too. @Boardnamics makes ones for Caliber II trucks and @okp makes them too, and probably someone else I’ve forgotten. Oh yeah @psychotiller has some too. and @longhairedboy Motor mounts all over this mug

I have mounts for Surfrodz TKP’s, RKPS, Randals, Seizmic, Paris, Buck, Liquid, and a few others…But not Caliber. Caliber can suck it.

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Aww, why the discrimination?