SESC a VESC 6 derivative

VESC 6 clones were developed using drv8323 without using drv8301. drv8323 has three current sensing amplifiers, so no separate amplifier is required to detect the three-phase current. However, Vesc 6 uses inline sensing method while sesc uses low side current sensing method. The regulator also has a smaller output current than drv8301, so it is difficult to use the regulator except for power at the rf receiver or hall sensor for motor. The SESC is compact and designed to keep up with VESC 6 features.

[Top View]

[Bottom View]


[Sound Comparison]


[Current Consumption Comparison, ERPM 6000, Duty 10% same condition]


Does it come with a housing? Pricing? Availability? You are a little light on details :wink:

I like the compact size. Will it be made in Korea?

looks really nice and clean, do you plan to open-source the design?

The housing has been developed but not mass-produced yet. It is difficult to disclose price information here. PCB size is 40mm x 80mm, motor connection is 4mm banana connector, power cable uses XT90 connector.


PCB size is 40x80mm. It was made in Korea.

Unfortunately, the data is hard to open.

You should produce few of them and stress test the shit out of them!

They look really nice and compact btw, the specs are the same?

Keep up with the nice work!

Well without a ballpark number we have no idea if it is worth a shot. Are you aiming for a low price <100$ or a high price comparable to a “real” VESC6?

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why is it difficult to disclose price information here? can we get it now without the box! since it is trouble saying how much it costs…how much would you guess something like this would cost?

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I’m fully aware of that. So we did 12 cell buffered voltage, 52 volt input voltage, 10 amps continuous. Some hardware specifications are not available. For example, there are no external SPI and RF signal chips. The only external interfaces have PPM signal, CAN communication, and UART communication. UART works with I2C depending on the settings

Maybe 70 to 80 percent of that?

10amp continious will not be enaugh for e skates

I know about it. We could only do so much testing because of the specifications of the power supply we had. So we’re going to do a higher constant current test.

It will cost 70 to 80 % 0f the VESC6.

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70 to 80% MORE than VESC6 or 70 to 80% OF VESC6?

80% of a real VESC6? :flushed: good luck with that. Including shipping from Korea and taxes I’d rather get a Focbox or the new controller by @esk8


Around 300 usd…!? Ouch.

I made a mistake because I am not familiar with English. 70 to 80% of the VESC6

Lets summarize

  • you get a a vesc 6 derivative with much less functionality for nearly the same Price?