Setting up vesc with bldc tool, first time builder please help

Hi everyone! This is the first time I’m building a board and I don’t really understand how to configure the vesc… if anyone can help that would be great. Specs of the board: Motor: single 6374 ,190kv , max power: 3150W, max amps: 80. Vesc: voltage: 8-60v, current: up to 240a for a few seconds and 50a continues. Battery: 12s2p 18650 cells. Bms: 30a continues, 80a peak. Gear ratio: 13/36. Belt: 12mm width 255mm length. 83mm wheels.

Highlighted the things I need help with. Thank you very much in advance

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You can find info about various settings here

Here’s another good resource available right here on the forum that will help you understand the VESC a little better.

I’d try starting with 80A motor max/min and 40A battery max/min. Absolute max, maybe 120A? Maybe someone else can chime in.

Duty cycle can be left alone, and you can put max voltage to 57, and leave minimum to 6, should be fine.

All of the stuff in your second window screencap is generated after doing a motor detection, so not to worry.

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The Absolute max can go as high as 150a. I would not recommend setting it too low because it is intended to kick in if the soft back off strategys fail. I believe this implies that the absolute max if triggered will cause a sudden loss of power. The info about this setting is in Vedder’s page that I posted. The default setting is 130a.
I run my dual setups with Lipo battery pack absolute max at 140a motor max at 80a Batt max at 60a Motor min at -40a Batt min at -10a

Thanks very much guys

Wouldn’t -80a motor min rip the belt? I thought the -60a Is ok and i saw a tutorial in which he said that this is also too much for the belts

And why the battery min and max is 40? Could you explain? From what I understood the battery min should be lower to maximize battery life and I don’t really know about battery max

If I have a bms that is rated for 30a continues and 80a peak, shouldn’t I be setting the battery max to 80? It should I take it down to 60a?

what do you say about those settings? i dont understand a few things:

  1. the motor is rated for 80 amps max but shouldn’t it be 3150w / 44.4v = 70.9 amps?
  2. is -60a motor min ok? or is it too much for the belt?
  3. i dont understand what the battery max should be… the bms is 30a continues and 80a peak. the battery is 12s2p 18650 2900mah cells.

any help would be much appreciated!


The motor is rated for 80A max which probably is not continuous but peak that the windings can withstand before failing or overheating -60A and 60A is OK… most of the people use this setting… i do on 9mm belt on my dual setup and no problems for over a year. battery max in your case i would set to 30A which should be OK. Maybe even too much. It depends on the area you live in because on flats you are going to pull 30A from your battery only when accelerating pretty hard or when riding up hills. It also depends on your weight, wind and stuff but generally 30A should be good.

oh i didnt notice… with 12S 30A is a lot of power… i have my battery max set to 20 on 10S but again… it is dual setup but it is more than enough

So bottom line is this ok? Motor max:70 Mottor min: -60 Battery max: 30/20?

Well… it is ok for the VESC and battery so you should not destroy anything due to this. Id suggest just put it to this: Motor max 60 Motor min -60 Battery max 25 (with these values you wont destroy anything) Test it and see if it is OK… If you want faster acceleration or higher hills increase motor max, stronger braking decrease motor min to say 65 and test. It is all about fine tuning it to suit your needs.

Thank you so much! And battery min is -12 right? 2 times 6ah

if you´re using 18650 Liion cells, you have to adjust your Battery cutoff start and end: 3,0V/cell start, 2,8V/cell end. So if you´re on 12s, thats 12 x 3V = 36V Cutoff start 12 x 2,8V = 33,6V Cutoff end

I set it higher at 40 and 38 so it wound better on the battery… what do you think about these settings: Motor max:70a, min:-60a Battery max;30a,min:-12?

The charging current should be at 1C per cell in parallel so if you have 2P it is 1C2=2C which is 2capacity=5800mA so id set the charging (battery min (regen))to 6A.

The voltages are safe at cutoff end 36V (3V per cell in series) and the cut off start is up to you… it is pretty much just a notification for you that you are low on battery that your board starts to go slower.

Manufacturers state their mAh when discharging batteries from 4.2V down to 2.5V so you have somewhere around 2500/2600 of actual usable capacity.

im 70kg but there are a lot of hills where i live… so battery max is 30? i dont understand why should i set it anyway if i have a bms… could you please explain this?

Ok then set it to 30 even 40 might be still good enough concidering that you wont pull it from the battery all the time.

You set it in your VESC so that you dont pull those 80A from your battery through BMS (bms would allow say 70A peak (at 80 it disconnects battery due to overcurrent) but VESC could pull it in worst case scenario continuously and therefore destroy your BMS and battery)

if you have a lot of hills and weight 70kg i don´t recommend a 12s2p. It´s too small for some hills and your cells will sag a lot. What cells are you using?