Sharplace BMS on Amazon, anyone used it?

I’m in a hurry to build a pack and cant wait for bestech to produce them so im asking if this bms works nice and will it set on fire my pack or not?

also if you have one to sell pm me any bms

I used that one for long time as a charging only without any problems.

This should be enaugh i guess :smiley:

I have 4 of these of which I only will need 1. I can’t seem to figure out if there is a specific sequence to wire it in as in all the positive leads and then the negative or the other way around.

There should be a diagram somewhere Do you want to sell me 2?

Sure. PM me

just saw your in the US, im in Croatia…

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Probably better off buying from amazon at that point due to shipping. Good luck in the World Cup

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Thanks man i didnt know americans watch as you call it “soccer” :smiley:

Isnt that amazon shop based in China?

there are some sellers in UK

Really? I can see that it dispatches from China :sweat_smile:

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if you have one to sell pm me does not even have to be the model from the link

Sorry I dont have one, make a thread maybe?

imageimage Can someone help me with a wiring diagram for this. It is the same BMS as the link above.

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Good luck against lucky Brits tomorrow.

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How much for the other BMS?

@pixelsilva $15+shipping from seattle, WA

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You are better off buying from amazon directly.

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