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So I dropped off my TB DD about 2~ weeks ago and still, no update shows as pre-shipment, I filed a claim with USPS, today Frisco Texas Postmaster called me saying that she had never seen the package, she said I should have gotten a receipt and the post office should scan all package’s at the post office (mine does not…) she advised that my package could have gotten stolen and it could be sitting in one of the postal workers cars. She also said she could not do anything more (She was nice though trying to offer solutions and check up) one of them included maybe getting the post offices CCTV footage.

Don’t know what to do RN, should I file a police report to see if the police can get involved so I can get some CCTV footage? (cause my post office workers are dicks and won’t help with anything) (hoping my post office even has a CCTV…)

Package contians, TB DD 90kv + kegal adapters + abec adapters + TB110

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paypal might have insurance built in for these kind of situation for both the vendor and the buyer. Maybe contact them?


Ok, usps sucks ass, it will show up eventually, same thing happened to me with @BigZwatt when I shipped a deck to him

… But it still shows as preshipmemt :sob:

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That’s usps, they have a history of doing crap like that

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I shipped the package on may 8th though…

Mine took almost 2 months

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Uhh wtf, my rma can’t take that long…


You dropped a package off at the post office and didn’t get a receipt?


Yep, never had a issue till this time

what is going on here. Are YOU selling the drive, wheels, etc TO torqueboards.

I guess this is the first time you have dealt with USPS’s flaws. NEVER EVER give anything to a postal worker with out it being scanned and given a receipt. EVER! Anything pricey should always be given to them and getting a receipt with the tracking number printed on it. You want them to go BEHIND the counter because that’s the only time they are “tracked”. If you drop it in a bin they tell you to do, then your package is not in a secure location.

You can be lucky and that this was an honest mistake. I hate USPS with a passion. I once had a package where the sender wrote the wrong zip code. I went to tell USPS but they can’t do anything because the package was somewhere lost in the system. They can’t leave a note with the tracking number to catch it. She said it would just be scanned and updating the site where customer check status. that it would be an unavailable address update and eventually be sent back to the sender after three failed attempts over 3 days.


I’m sending the drives back for exchange, for 75kv version

Pro tip

When you mail expensive things you need to

  • get tracking
  • signature required
  • insure for double the value

welp its too late now, next time i ship expensive things i go through fedex, cause they actually help…

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:sob: 10 chars


Why double the value? is the actual value not enough?

Say I was shipping 2 boards, that’s almost $4k, would it not be enough to insure for $4k?

Never had a package completey lost. Back 2003 i ordered some VHS tapes of Dragon ball z on ebay and after 2 months never recieved anything i thought the seller scammed me but i did get the package 8 months later i dunno wtf happened. Another time USPS lost a gold necklace i bought online and they refunded me the money then a few weeks later i got the package, dont tell wifey that the necklace i gave her cost me nothing >.>


@torqueboards will you still accept the RMA?

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@AlanZhou For You Alan… Probably. :heart_eyes:


thanks :smiley: