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so gonna go with my parents to my local police station and see if they can help out, NYC cops are generally cool. (generally…)


Because this shit is never in stock, and your time is valuable. These boards have so much of your personal time invested in them, and that’s not an intangible value either. If they want to lose it/steal it i fully intend to be made whole for the time, energy and capital i’ve invested.


this makes me depressed everytime i look at it… :roll_eyes:


Dumb question, but did you Google the location + lost packages?

Back when I used to ship ~10 packages/day for about two years, I had one package go missing. Upon googling the location it went missing at… there were literally pages of Google results about shit going missing at that one facility lmao. Surprisingly, came to the dude a month later after I already sent him a new package.

I suspect yours will probably turn up, probably just in weeks to months.

Anyone that reviews anything related to shipping is going to give bad reviews.

So I wouldn’t trust that search

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It wasn’t reviews. It was mainly keywords/tags that went to shipping forums.

There was actually a huge investigation at the specific office in question and they found out there was somebody in upper management running a theft ring haha. I’ll try to see if I can find where it was in my old emails, Missouri is coming to mind for some reason.

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Ok that’s different :sweat_smile:

well everyone is saying the staff is shit, i go their a lot and the staff is shit, currently in police station.

since USPS wont give me CCTV footage (prolly company policy) i wills see if the police can review it

When dropping off at the post office INSIST on a scan and a printed receipt. This is your only proof!

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Not full of dicks lol. What do you actually expect them to do

Yeah… I dunno what you’re thinking in saying NYPD is typically nice.

Those motherfuckers have serious crime they’re dealing with 24/7. Human trafficking, organ trafficking, large laced drug shipments, active serial killers, etc.

Not saying that they don’t have smaller divisions for smaller problems… But yeh. I wouldn’t expect shit from the police.

Their* btw :wink:

Yeah totally, they were just sitting around when I got there…

When u got… Their :peanuts:?

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Like literally, the post office does not care (not surprising lol) and the police does not care either. Am I supposed to call 311? :joy:

Schedule a meeting with the post Master. The post Master doesn’t fuck around. IF the post Master fucks around, escalate further. I do think you’re doing this a bit too quickly, but it’s hard to say.


If a post Master fucks around, that’s near immediate grounds for an audit/investigation into the entire office.

Those positions pay fucking WELL(unless I’m talking out of my ass lmao) and have mad benefits. They typically don’t fuck around because they don’t want to risk anything and lose that.

Well then that means that the workers at more post office don’t give a fuck cause they don’t get paid well :joy:

Getting great benefits is different from being paid well at an hourly/salary type rate. Some people don’t give a fuck about said benefits tho.


Bottom line. You willingly handed a package over to a stranger and didn’t get any sort of acceptance receipt.

The police can’t help because nothing criminal has happened and the post office can’t help because without any kind of receipt they officially don’t have your package.

You just need to hope it gets there, you’re unfortunately the one in the wrong here on paper. The post office probably just think you didn’t drop it off and you are scamming them and the police can’t get involved with no proof of criminal activity.


Frisco Texas postmaster is somewhat siding with me, also didn’t hand over the package, USPS alawys tells me to drop it off in a shipping bag, and sometimes won’t even give me a receipt when I do go up to the counter