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than you need to ask for it :rofl: sorry, but if you pay for something you get a receipt. Maybe it´s different in the US but that would be new for me.


Not alawys the case when you purchase something in the United States… Or maybe Its just me

It’s just you. Lol.

How did you pay? Cash or card? I know in our system(not postage related, just general sales) we can see logs of purchases up to two years

But I’m not supposed to know or see that :joy::joy::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Card, via credit card

Sometimes when I pay with cash I don’t get a receipt.

Well, the purchase should be linked to your card in the system. And from there, the package number and everything associated should be easily accessed.

Seems like a fairly bulletproof way to get some answers

Huh, gotta see lol

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It does not prove I dropped it off though

You just have to find someone who’s willing to dig through their history (likely the post master)

Are you able to provide the date of drop off? Time?

Once you get that, in conjunction with CCTV footage is damning evidence that the package is actually yours… Hopefully expediting the process of finding it

Good luck my guy


Yes my Google maps recorded it lol


The time of purchase will line up with the CCTV footage, if they say that’s not enough evidence… I would try very hard to get the police involved

How are you checking the tracking info if you don’t have the receipt? As far as I know that’s the only way to get the tracking number

Huh I purchased the label online via easy ship

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That’s a large oof :thinking::thinking:

I’m not old enough to use a CC in store lol

Spoke to the Post Master at my post office, she said she could not check the camera, only the inspector can with probable cause

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Mate, learn your lesson from this, always ask for a receipt, thats your proof that you did a transaction there.

Also, if you dropped it off, the CCTV has you there dropping it off, so go and see whoever you need to see and access the CCTV footage.

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Yeah there has to be probabal cause, also the inspector might call me today

But only the inspector and police can check CCTV

I have never gone to USPS and they didn’t give me a receipt…any time a transaction goes through, a receipt automatically prints out. It’s your choice to take it or not.

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@AlanZhou, you do know that it’s mandatory for usps to give you a receipt if you go to the counter.


Not at his location, where he hasn’t had problems but they are all shit, along with the cops that are all great but they all suck.

This is so full of contradictions. This is Schrodinger’s shipment.

Maybe the title should be changed: I lost it due to my own negligence - TB DD (My fault)


That’s crazy, never heard of anything like this