Show me your top mount battery

Sooooo… Got the hummie enclosure from @psychotiller for my eMTB. The thing is a piece of art. I had to change pants when I opened it. Unfortunately, my planned deck is too concave to make it work, even with heavy gasket work. No big deal, I just bought a @hummie deck for a second street build because I wasn’t pumped about using the pintail I got in my landyachtz box.

I’m officially going top mount on this eMTB now. Please, brothers, cheer me up with photos of your top mounted glory! Bonus points if you’re using an MBS deck.


image image


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Alright alright this is what I’m talking about! So what’s your recommendations for routing the wires? I see 2 typical setups; battery and vesc together or 2 separately. I want to go for one box since the unity is pretty small. Are you guys just making long ass motor to vesc wires and tying them to your bindings?

@Trdolan03 can you take some close ups of the top of your box and that solid cable braid you have?

Pelicase 1150 165118h


@venom121212 image image


image image


What size pg plug is that main one? What gauge wire are you guys using on your vesc /motor cables? Is that cigarette lighter looking port (with the Keychain) your loopkey? Let me peep your insides? :face_with_monocle:

Fantastic work all around. This is wildly clean. Do you have a build thread? Creeped your profile and didn’t see one. Also, congratulations! Screenshot_20181226-140737_Chrome

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@venom121212 Haha. Thanks man. I used this port for the charger. I use a 12s 16a Charger so I needed something beefy. CNLINKO 2 Pin Power Industrial… 14 gauge on the motor cables. 14 gauge on the charge cables and 10 for the battery cables. No loop key on here. Discharge 60a BMS with a eswitch. Cigarette lighter is a dual USB port. Also a usb on the inside with space to charge your phone in the waterproof case.

Here are a few pics of the inside. I can get better ones later today. 12s 8p 25r battery with NESE modules. Definitely don’t use 25r cells on any board. I have voltage sag to where the last 30% is unusable. Dual FOC Box. I have a massive 12v converter that I use for the USB ports and lights. Not the cleanest board on the inside but it works.


Need pictures of this covered in mud!

1215182115_Film1 1216180019_Film1


Not a DIY (apart from the battery) but here is mine




Just a box i ordered on amazon, checked the inside demension and it perfect. But thredded insert nuts into deck and rubber gasket material on the ends to compensate for board arc and as shock damper, circled red. Cable extension to my red foxbox heatsinks go over bindings, no issue yet. Holds 12S8P Nese modules and bms.


image image 10s12p and a step-down to charge my phone


Man i really wanna try trampa gummys.


They dropped the price… And have different colors again.

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Man I’m feeling even better and better about the move to top mount now. The boxes are just made to be modded out. I have a davega kit in the mail somewhere so it’ll look nice on top. I’m thinking I’m gonna skip the loopkey because Jeff from enertion says the focboxes built in antispark is plenty and I have the warranty in case. I definitely want to add some convenience factors as well. How tall is the tallest box that doesn’t bother the inside of your legs? For reference I’m 5’10". I need to just practice with assorted cardboard box sizes.

I thought warranty didn’t cover diy

I think under the Platinum warranty it corves it as long so you don’t change the connectors. I could be wrong though