đź’ˇShredlightsđź’ˇ - group buy - UK to the rest of Europe

It’s $ per set white or red. A set is two lights of one color Extra brackets = TBA Shipping = TBA

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Ok Ladies and Germs

Here’s the deal…

By Thursday a google doc will be created by Shreadlights…

You will put your order and all your mailing information in the doc and send your payment to me

Once all orders and Paynents are recieved …Ill pay shreadlights

shredlights has so graciously said they will send all of your orders direct…the only exception is Europe … they will be sending your orders to their guy in the U.K. first…then to you


PLEASE NOTE: Shredlights has asked me to limit the order to 50 Sets of two, so basically a 100 sets of lights (I hope that makes sense) The reason is the special pricing we were given and could upset thier Vendors…But this is one off deal to introduce their lights to the Esk8 community so this is will not be an on going deal.


One front and rear set for me plus extra brackets for board number 2. Sounds like with 100sets total you’ll need to start limiting the number of sets per person :smiley:

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I would like to order:

  • 1 set white
  • 1 set red
  • Mounting hardware


  • 2 set white
  • 2 set red
  • Mounting hardware

Me and Eric are working on a form for you all to fill out…

As soon as it’s ready you guys can have at it…

There a lot more people than I thought would be interested in this group buy…

I’ll do my best to make sure all of the orders are filled… it is my hope that I won’t need to limit the order per person…but the ultimate decision is up to Shredlights … as always keep you all posted


i am in for a set red and a set white ! I will await the document ! man this GB exploded

Hi @Michaelinvegas , Many thanks for organizing this.

Just letting you know that I would also be interested in 1 set Headlights and 1 set Rearlights depending on shipping costs (I live in Switzerland).

I’m also waiting for shredlights to tell me whether they are compatible with Evolve carbon GT trucks Depending on the above I will fill in you Doc when it is ready

2x white and I’m in uk

Also maybe @ajaynagra might be able to hel he has done other gb on here already from uk.

sorry to post twice, two sets (f+R) to spain pleeeese


Not feeling well at all guys …

@saul made a form

Fill it out and I’ll reach out tomorrow when I feel better

Form submitted

Hello hope i m not too late i was on the other thread.

I would like 2 pair of front and 2 pair of rear Located in France

Submitted my form entry :slight_smile:

Use this form if you haven’t already.

All done submitted the forum

It’s all done !

submited ! whoop whoop

Hi, I submitted the form but haven’t payed yet. Let me know what to do in case a miss something :slight_smile:

Hang loose …

Still waiting on Eric at Shredlights

He said he was traveling so…

We all wait for now