Shredlights đź’ˇ - What features would you like to see in the future? What would make them better?

Now that most of you have received your new Shredlights…

What features do you wanna see next? How could they make them better?

Post below with your two cents…

GO! Go! GO!

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A rf switch, because i’m flazy

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I bought a set for one of my (human-powered) skateboards

These are really convenient and easy to install. But when you think about, they don’t really make sense for an electric board. You are literally riding on top of a giant battery, and now you’ve just added 2 (or 4) more batteries. So you’ve got to charge 3-5 batteries, instead of one. Replace the individual batteries with a voltage regulator, and then add a convenient method of wiring them (like inline XT-90 connectors)


WHAT!!! I hope you’re talking about a board with tiny human inside each wheel… or it doesn’t make sense. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Didn’t buy any, but I think a switch to control them remotely would be cool.

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Bro…you’re like from Mars sometimes lol


I’m still laughing :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Still waiting but I’ll let you know, I’m just excited to be lit up, front to back! (Excited buyer) :laughing::metal:🖒

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Yeah, still haven’t received mine. I’ll be sure to leave my thoughts below.

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More color flashing for seizure riding ?

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I think it might be cool if they made a super tiny remote switch that was adhesive and could attach to your eskate remote to turn them on and off remotely. That way you wouldn’t have to mess with doing it through your existing receiver or anything like that.

Integrate into deck build more, use esk8 battery, tie into RF remote, turn signals, brake lights when you brake, RF bright/dimmers, etc.

And of course tie into @Michaelinvegas LED vanity light strips!!!

Any other modes?

I think some flashing or something

Also…why have it brighter? Heheheh

powered by a 18650?


I want a bracket so I can attach it to my go pro

An esk8-specific model with integrated ubec so they can be connected directly to an esk8 battery; they can reduce the size by removing the stand-alone battery and there’d be no need to recharge.

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I’d like it to be truly water proof…

Playing around with them…I could see using this for various things other then esk8…like bikes and for supplemental lighting for action cameras

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I would like to see a remote.

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What I mainly want is braking lights (rear light flashing brighter when braking). I also would love to be able to control the light with my remote that is connected to my master VESC.

To sum it up give me the freedom to program what I want the lights to do when. Let me run the lights on the esk8 battery, not on small ones you have to change.

Lastly, bring other models out! LED Strips (with programmable colors and functions) for underboard lighting, indicators and other lights for different uses!

I know that is a lot to ask for but I think that DIY Esk8 builders have their reason why they don’t just buy boards that are ready to ride but build their own creations, even if they may have to pay just as much for it in the end: They want to make it unique and their board. Just look at the success of the VESC if you doubt such a DIY-friendly product would be unsuccessful.

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Possibly brighter, and lights on both ends so it creates an under glow effect. For those who are into that.