Shredlights 💡 - What features would you like to see in the future? What would make them better?

I don’t really think the market is big enough for eSk8. Yes we did a nice sized group buy, but there will be a lot of money tied up into development of what you guys are suggesting. Don’t get me wrong they are cool ideas, I just don’t think it’s practical.

Features I would like:

  1. A little brighter, while they do light up a decent are, who dosnt mind more light?

  2. Flash mode. I think it would be useful for alerting people/drivers behind you. This should be fairly easy to implement.

Everything else listed above I would love to see, and if you guys pull it off you have my full support.

The lights really feel professional. And the fact that they didn’t give up after their Kickstarter Campaign was unsuccessful almost made me want to buy the lights a full price. And to top it all off, a hand written note on the order. Good luck in your future endeavors ShredLights!

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(Rear lights) My girl holding the lights… she is jealous. She wants some of her own haha. I like everything about it to be honest.

Super quality feel to them.

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Got my Shredlights in today! Quality is great. Only changes/additions I would add would be: Right angle bracket so you can mount in a larger variety of places, and make the red more red. I bent my bracket so I could under mount it on my drop-thru. Works perfect!!!



I haven’t got any yet but only thing I would maybe like to see is different brackets. Like I have a flat longboard but I also have a drop through with kick tails which would mean the light would point in the air. So if you had either multiple mounts or one adjustable one. Oviously brighter the better would maybe a projector style light with a beam designed better to work that close to the ground.

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I think that you need to double the bolt on a drop trough…


Tried that, but the light won’t fit between the the axel and board without getting smashed when turning.

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Gotta get inventive…

Need to relocate the bracket and have it screwed down to the deck with some washers so it’s not flush

Would like a way to wire them in directly. 4 things to charge on top of the board is a bit much. Other than that, I second the “more red”. They do hold well though onto their brackets. I was pleasantly surprised.

Only 1 box had stickerz!!!


I’d love to see the micro sub port be able to connect to the vesc/esc so we can power them from there and maybe even have break lights. Someway to add on/off to remote?

+1 wire in directly, turn on when the power on the board is turned on.

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I dunno how feasible making them directly connectable is, and I feel like you might be able to DIY that part of it. However, I would definitely appreciate a remote. Other than that these things are awesome!

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I have a easy one, putting a proper description on the customs declaration so they don’t confuse it with automotive parts and charge a fuckton of duty

For example: -skateboard accesory white -skateboard accesory red -sporting goods mounting accesory

if it hasnt been suggested already… how about some ambient light sensor system so they turn on automatically at night or in low light? tied with the board’s power of course, so they only turn on when the board itself is on


In terms of remote…

May be Bluetooth control via phone

And maybe an ambient light sensor

All cool

And @Blasto oh damn sorry rookie mistake I guess

no worries man, this is the requested feature section :slight_smile:

I don’t know what you guys think of this idea, but I’m up for some ideas… Thought I could try something different. They are pretty bright and look sick.

This is my last picture till my build is completely done :laughing:🖒:metal::v:


so if there was one thing that I don’t like about the shredlights. Just one thing I could change. it would be this:

the USB port for charging is entirely obscured when mounted. not a big deal for regular users, but for e-skate we have batteries and the potential for a simple USB buck converter to power them off your main battery. however this cannot work because of the charge port location on the shredlights.

this obviously opens a can of worms about dust getting in the USB and such… but we are inovators… we would work something out.


Yep I would have to :100: percent agree

Obviously it has to do with the pcb inside due to space … but yeah tell Eric if u can …something to keep in mind when a NEW version comes out…

another thing someone might be able to tell me, the green light on the top does that serve as some sort of battery indicator? or is it just power on and charge light? I noticed its red when charging and green when powered on, but it there any sort of battery level indication? does it flash? battery level would be nice.

oh man, a version of the lights with a straight up bare lead coming out of the enclosure that can be wired to whatever you want would be super nice, put any connector you want on those or hard wire them into something directly.