Single motor on dual ESC

Hi there! I’m pretty new to esk8, cobbling together my first setup, and having some trouble.

I’m using a single hub motor on a dual motor ESC, but when pressing accel trigger, the motor just kinda clicks and does a tiny twitch, but wont spin. I’m wondering if it’s because of trying to use a single motor on a dual ESC board, or if the board I chose wont run a hub motor. Oddly, the battery meter on the ESC shows low ( 1 out of 4 bars lit) even though I have my batteries fully charged. :confused:

After lots of research / googling / head-scratching, I’m kinda stumped - any tips would be really appreciated!

Thanks Kim


Generic dual ESC:

Hub motor:

Batteries: 2 x Turnigy 1500mAh 3s (connected in series for 24V, 6s total)

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From this thread it seems like running a single motor with dual ESC controller should be ok.

If that’s not the issue, then I suspect the low battery indicator. I charged the 2 3s 11.1v batteries with a balance charger and they went up to 12.6v each. Connected them in series with a robust adapter. Maybe the ESC is just dead?

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Found a thread on the forum that points out a link to one site that has instructions for this generic ESC - in particular how to bridge some solder points for 6s, etc

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Looks like you need some proper help with this and so use this link to get to the real forum.

Its quiet in here so help may be a little slow. Sign up and then tag me @dareno or one of the other moderators and we will bump your account and get you the help you need.

Thanks @dareno - I’ll check out the other forum, looks like some great folks and info there!

I solved my ESC problem, and it was the solder bridge to set the ESC voltage to 6s. Probably not the smartest idea for a noob DIYer to get an undocumented ESC - I’ve learned a lot in the process.

The generic ESC I bought was as speced as 24V-36V, but still needed the solder bridging. My hub motor worked, but only if I didn’t connect the sensor wires You can run a single motor on a dual ESC

Here’s one of the the image that clued me in

And the board I got, soldered for 6s

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Oh I don’t know, sometimes if you want to learn to swim then the deep end is the best option.

We will have you swimming like a fish in no time.

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