Sk3 or Other motor?

What kind of motor would you guys recommend? it has to have 4mm connectors. Thanks!

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Where are you from? What esc and battery are you using?

any motor 200kv or less. you can always change the connectors.

I live in the us and i plan on using this vesc diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/ and two of these batteries hooked in series.

If you go for a single drive everybody recommends a higher voltage and lower kv, so maybe use two 5s batteries in series in order to get 10s, which is perfect for a 190kv. In US I think @JLabs sells some with 4mm bullet, sensored as well. He may be running a group buy at the moment, check him out

Would this work.

Which motors are some of the most dependable??

Enertion, Diy electricskatboard, Blick block, Alien power drive…

Kv is too high, with 6s it will have a decent speed but horrible torque, while on 10s it will hit the rpm limit on the vesc. Sk3s are known to be good reliable motors, but I don’t think they fit your needs, you may find something better, like torqueboards or jlabs. Sensored mode is also a good thing, since it allows a smooth start from still. Oh, and multistars are not good batteries, try to find turnigys

Where are jlab motors bought?

I am taking a pre-order right now for them, 2.5 weeks and they will ship. Here is the link for more info They are reliable, affordable, and sound like they will fit your needs.

are those motors a first gen product?

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There really Isint a gen, it’s a motor. They are very similar to

How long would it take for it to be shipped to ohio?

2.5 weeks to me and 2-3 days to you.

so it would be here before christmas.

Oh yeah totally

Ill put a order in tommorow!

Im just wondering if there is any warranty and how long will the motor last?

If you take care of it it will last a long time. If you have any problems I will work with you.