Skelly | Bustin EQ 36 Hollowcore | DIYES Single Kit | SK3 6364 190kv | Turnigy 150A ESC | GT2B Baby Buffalo | 6S3P 5000MAH

Hi guys, my name is Cristian and i live in Vancouver. I’ve been riding my 6S 40" landyatz battleaxe, and i had a big fall about 2 weeks ago, probably because i was using a GT2-E which on dropouts takes 5 seconds to cut off, compared to the 1 second of the GT2-B. So i decided i needed something slower in case anything happens to go wrong.(i just want to cruise and get to work in one piece). I went today to check some smaller and lighter boards to downgrade to 3s, and fell in love with the Bustin EQ 36, its just a thing of beauty. Anyways, here’s some pictures of my progress. I still need to make the enclosure, i’ll design that tomorrow and hopefully get the mold for the fiber CNC machined this weekend. I’ll keep updating as new stuff gets done.

EDIT: Semi-finished board!

That box in the background stores my 3D Printer and CNC Router :slight_smile:


12 volt???

Yes, tested it out today, works pretty good! 15km/h max speed. Im pretty light at 65kg so that helps.

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Im glad that someone is using 12v system… :slight_smile: I think it works great for builds which does not need a lot of power and it helps in cutting the cost for batteries, too :slight_smile:

A 3S battery at hobbyking is just like 20$ - which is ~5% of the total cost of an esk8. So not really cutting the cost significantly

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Love the deck!

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Like your cruiser. Real sleek. Keep up the good work. :sunglasses: :+1:

I’m going to convert my 6s into 3s now. I don’t use the top half of my throttle anyway. Thanks for the push!

Well, if you want a bigger pack then cost starts to grow… but who knows perhaps I only thought that going 12s vs 6s is a big deal.

I’ve settled with 6s and ordered a VESC, that should give me speed limiting, without the hit to the amp draw, taxing the esc and the motors.

Now, would it be possible to leave my battery connected to battery charger (unplugged from the wall) while i ride? I want to have just 1 plug to charge the board instead of having to remove the batteries, etc.

Search for BMS and you’ll find a 1000+1 threads about them. Single plug simplicity w/o removing batteries to charge.

If your concern was top speed - definitely look at the settings for max speed in VESC. I’m down from you in Seattle so if you swing down let me know and we can cruise along Alki some time! One of my favorites!

@sl33py ill be over next year for sure once work ramps down a bit.

I really don’t want to get a BMS, i was wondering if i could leave a Turnigy B6 plugged in to the batteries but not to the actual charger.

that deck looks so awesome, but back then I returned mine cause I just couldnt find a good stance on it. tested quite a few boards for stances & comfort and that one felt for me like standing on a bag of stones. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

VESC and Anti Spark arrived! All wired up with EC5 (and an XT90s because i was too lazy to change the VESC connector). Ill change it at some point, but it doesn’t affect anything.

Also decided to trim the motor wires and terminate them with silicone cable to give it a bit more flex. Those were a pain to solder since the motor leads are pre coated so i just heated them until the coating burn off. Then i opened the silicone cable in the middle and pushed in the wires, this type of splaying works pretty good and its a very strong joint.

I’ll cover all this up with mesh sleeve when i assemble everything in the enclosure. Next up… design a VESC enclosure that has routing for cables so that it protects them from touching the pins and shorting out. Also with a sloth for the Rx Receiver so that there’s no chance of connectors coming loose.

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Finally got time to print an enclosure for the VESC and Rx Receiver. I also designed a spacer that goes under the VESC to prevent the sensor pins from shorting with the positive lead. This will all go inside a fiberglass enclosure, just need to find the time to make it.

Now i need to figure why with my settings my board shuts down when braking, its incredibly annoying!

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Well, it seems FOC is a no go, VESC just shuts down when braking with anything above -20A on the motor. With BLDC it works just fine, so ill just have to use that and deal with the noise.

I have read on here that FOC is quiet on low speeds but once you are past cruising speeds then the noise is comparable to the BLDC setup.

I have my rpm limited so that i cant go faster than 15km/h, with FOC it was virtually silent.

Just finished printing my belt cover:


Nice covers! Will you be sharing the file for them?