Slipstream deck | VESC | SK3 190kv | Torqueboards kit | 9s 5000mah

Greetings from a snowy southern Sweden! I’m currently building my first electric skateboard and thought I’d share the process with you. Any and all input is greatly appreciated.

So, the idea here is to build a proof of concept board. Since I have full access to a mechanical/electrical workshop and I also own a 3d-printer, my initial plan was to build the motor mount and drivetrain myself using all the awesome free stuff from here, thingiverse etc. However, I recently won about $500usd on online betting so I figured I’d put that money into this project by buying ready-made stuff instead since it’s my first board.

Parts list

  • Deck: Generic complete longboard
  • Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 6364 190kv
  • ESC: Flier VESC 2.18/4.12
  • Trucks: Caliber II
  • Wheels: 83mm Flywheels from Torqueboards
  • Drivetrain: Torqueboards 16/36T, 260mm belt
  • Motor mount: Torqueboards v4 for Caliber trucks
  • Batteries: 2x Zippy Flightmax 3s1p 5000mah 20C
  • Controller: Winning 2.4ghz mini controller
  • Charger: HobbyKing 3C 50w charger/discharger

Pictures (Sorry for poor quality)

The deck is pretty long. 103cm (40 inches for the imperial people). I got this as a complete longboard for about $50 some years ago. It’s crap but it worked.

Overview of parts

All the parts where delivered to my apartment and I couldn’t wait until I had time to go to the workshop so I began disassembling the old board right away, which was a challenge since I don’t have all the proper tools at home. For example, I found that my wrench wouldn’t fit between the truck axle and the riser plate to get to the bolt. Luckily I found some obscure IKEA tool that I could use to disassemble the truck so my wrench could access the bolts for the truck mount.

Disassembled old board

You can tell that the old board wasn’t of the highest quality by the uneven length of the screws for the truck mount.

The assembly of drive wheel was actually kinda tricky. You can’t just push the screws trough the wheel so you have to screw them through and then align the drive pulley and carefully tighten the screws in a cross sized pattern to make sure that all screws are gripping at the correct angle.

The assembly of the motor mount is more straight forward. Make sure to do a loose fitting first so you can see that all parts align correctly. When everything is aligned, just tighten all the screws.

Also, when setting the angle of the motor, make sure there is room to turn the board without the motor touching the board.

Complete deck and drivetrain

Next up is the electrical system and controller. The controller got stuck in transit so I haven’t received that yet. I’m also waiting for some XT60 connectors and a cable harness for connecting the two batteries in series. Will post more updates when I get the rest of the parts.



I forgot to mention that we’re also using the 3d-printer to build a cnc-mill which I then can use to manufacture parts that might be useful. Still waiting on some parts to be delivered though.


How would I buld the cnc by 3D printing.

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Something like this maybe:

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Here is the link to the one we’re building.

thanks a mill.

Pun intended? :slight_smile:

Yup hehehehehheh i acc didnt think about it.:joy::joy:.

Just tested the board for the first time. Ignore ugly enclosures, I’m building a vacuum former when I get the time.


Looks awesome mate well done :+1:

There is a very easy way to build a vaccum forming table I (think) I came up with. I can share if u want.

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Please share, I’m gonna start building after work today :slight_smile:

What app is that?

Speedometer for iOS

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Sorry for late reply. Do you knoy those ikea or any rbrand plastic shorage containers the easiest way is to get 1 of them and silicon plywood with holes in it like a normal vaccum former. Pics tmo its 1.01AM sorry for inexplainsive reply will explain more soon

I’ve already built the vacuum-box out of 22x120 and MDF-board. Now I have to build a metal box for my heating elements as well but I have a busy week coming up so don’t know when I’ll have the time.

Any details on the heating elements? I’d love to know what you are going to use as I am trying to find a solution as well.

I’m using two of these which are 500w each. They might be a bit weak, but I’m hoping that building a metal box to confine the heat will help.

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I didn’t know that elements could be plugged straight into an outlet. Thanks dude

This is a barbecue lighter. You pour the charcoal on top of it and wait 20 minutes.