Slow your roll old timer!

Maybe we should stop telling new users to “search for it” when they come in asking simple questions. When I look back at the fish it was great until it reached the point that users started to feel entitled to be shitty ever time someone new would ask a simple question. Things also change, what was the norm 1 year or even 3 months ago might not be the go-to method today.

And think about it this way, if everyone just searched for the info this place would get pretty quiet.


I agree. I spent a whole month reading this forum before I ordered parts for my first board, and still got so much wrong & found out so much more afterwards.


We have the noob thread for easy questions as well. No need for a thread for every topic. And I think I can say I definitely not often said people better to use the search function.


But that will always be like this. The first build will never be the perfect build.


Also, the search functionality is often abysmal.


I only partly agree. Yeah, your right, we should help each other and sure it would be a lot quieter without all of those questions.
But when I see threads like: “First build, recommend me parts” and the member who made it did 0 research I think it’s appropriate to recommend the search function…


Pretty much this :point_up: I think everybody knows that reading time is shown in the profile…

And if people open 6 noob threads in the first day and have 20min read time something is wrong.


Better to ghost those threads than come in with a contemptuous attitude or post a link to a well known build if you want to be helpful.


Why? You can combine it. For example, I could answer a few questions in their thread and then link the search function. So they can start somewhere…


The way I see it, telling people to “search for it” is the beginning of the end for a forum, all the questions have been asked so that gives the devil on our shoulder the OK to work his magic and be a dickhead when a simple question is asked. Simply put, it can really kill the stoke for a new rider.

Back when eskating was still new and custom boards where fairly unknown everyone was happy to give their parts list or even direct them to a $20 how to manual made with info poached off of endlesssphere. We used it as an opportunity to discuss and sometimes new ideas would form from those discussions.


it made me mad when I experienced it, but because of it found some great friends and kept diggin :grinning:


As you said by your own before, what was actual yesterday might be old today. There is still a lot of things to talk about. And there is a difference between people coming here reading, get some parts together and than link that in a thread and ask if that would work and people who come here, say guys I want to build a board, I have no idea what i‘m doing, sent me links to all parts I need.

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Totally agree with this

If you do not feel like helping new people on here just do not respond at all Easier and nicer than bitching about lots of new threads


Kind of but not really. For example last week there were 3 or 4 threads regarding batteries in the EU. All they would have to do is to search for “Battery EU” and they would get an answer without making a new thread. If there are serious questions I think we should all answer but if I see questions like “What motor mount” “What battery” and so on I think it’s unnecessary to answer those since the only thing you would have to do is to search for motor mount cheap/reliable.

I really disagree with you here. Discourse has a great search feature. The filter abilities it has are decent, and its not too slow either…

What more would you want?

E: to be totally fair, the “your query is too short” or whatever is stupid as hell. Sometimes the search term really is a 2 or 3 letter word… 🤷


I agree, those posts suck balls. I also cannot stand when people post when they are having a problem but they do not include every important detail of their build. What I am saying is we need to stop encouraging negative discourse with new users who post simple or overly broad questions.


I think what @chaka is trying to say is…



yeah I had a lot of not noob questions but rather moron questions the search couldn’t answer,

and now I have a lot of ppl to thank for my esk8 >.<


No, I think it is perfectly acceptable for seasoned members to shoot daggers at each other. The popcorn industry would die if we didn’t!


Like this closely held grudge? LOL, I laughed when I saw it :slight_smile:.