Smoke a Torque Boards VESC?

I have a torque boards VESC and when I turned on my longboard it sparked and smoked up.

What might of cause this and is there anyway to fix it?

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So pissed forgot to add the question.:joy::joy:


Post your settings and a pic of the connections, maybe we will be able to deduct from that what caused it.


Allright I’ll do it in the morning.

That capacitor looks ready to blow.

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best way to fix it is to not cross wires, buy another one, and don’t fuckup this time

Can you remove the heat shrink on the Cap Board and take some picture. Also if can post picture of each side of the vesc it could be helpful.

2 of the 3 capacitors vented/are cracked, that most probably was the smoke you saw. The one on the left side is good, the 2 on the right are visibly cracked.

BTW what is this? looks like a burn mark can you confirm that it is/isnt a burn mark?


What are the settings?

What might have cause the capacitor to blow?

In most cases it is reverse polarity. But it can also be aging which sometimes leads to internal short circuit which creates a lot of heat so when the insides expand it blows the vent on top of the capacitor.

But since they are just cracked and dont really show any signs of violent blow out this could be caused by mechanical stress like squeezing them with an enclosure etc

What exactly is your build? All the info the better in this matter? Any pics of the electronics on the board?

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I noticed that, it looks like a burn make but I cant tell.

Correction It is burned right there.

That is a pretty significant damage, do you have any idea what caused it? It is easily repairable but we should first find what the cause is because if you bridge it and plug it in it is going to happen again if not worse.

Is there any chance you plugged it in reverse polarity? Probably not since connectors usually only work one way but just to make sure. Was the VESC under some physical stress? Is your motor OK? because it looks like the battery shorted through the PCB and the part I marked in red acted as a fuse, check the rest of your board to make sure.

I would suggest to take the clear heatshrink off and inspect/post pictures of the VESC.

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Pretty sure that burn spot is on the opposite side to where the positive batt wire is connected


Yes that is correct, that is the path to the mosfet tabs on high side.


I’m not completely sure what caused it because I have been connecting the battery to the VESC the same way since I’ve gotten it with no problems. The VESC was under no physical stress nothing on top of it or putting any pressure on it. I wont know if the motor is ok until I get a new VESC going to get a FOC Box this time. I will post better photos when I get home.

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