Smoking Charger Batteries in Series

ok so this is my first time putting batteries in series and i though i did it correctly i put some pictures any way i tried to charge them and with out plugging the charger into the wall the charger started to smoke out of all the ports so of coarse i un plunged it and moved it out of my house just in case. Any ideas of what i did wrong.

Pretty sure you have the order of the balance leads incorrect.

How should it be then

And thank you for the help

Switch balance connectors.

Look at the bigger balance connector, the red wire at the end is the positive. So the red wire side of connector needs to go to the pack that you’re using the red power wire. Positive to positive

Yup, the balance connectors are backwards. what I don’t understand is how this didn’t short out the batteries. Check your batteries for damage with a meter.

Ok something is wrong I don’t have a meter but I plugged it into the charger and it said something about temp to high

It says ext temp too hi

If you have an IMAX charger, you need to modify the 2-3 to 6 connector you need to snip one of the inside wires that come together, either black or red.

I have the exact same setup & batteries for my 6s board.

Which one did u cut and thx for the help

I mean it probably does not matter but I just want to make sure

Ive heard it does, and doesnt. let me upload a picture. pay attention to the colors of the wires.

Reverse the order of the 3S balance connectors. Then label your connections “A” and “B”. Then cut the middle black wire of the 3S->6S adapter, so that if you hook it up wrong in the future, it won’t cause any damage (just won’t work)

Switch connectors, take it into a cooler area, and check the voltage WITHOUT charging. I made the same mistake a long time ago and the batteries were permanently damaged, so be very careful and watch for if the batteries get puffy or start to smoke

the battery on the bottom has the middle red wire snipped connected to it.

Thanks for all the help

Ok so I cut the red wire made sure they were in the right side put it in a cooler area then I tried to check it with the charger and it did the same thing is it the batteries

I Did that