Snappy Chariot | Jet Hot Potato deck | Caliber II 50º | 190kv R Spec 6372 | Spacecell

Almost all the parts have now been purchased, so its time to start my offical build thread.

As a first time builder my flip-flopping on what I want to do has been monumental. If my understanding of electronics was better and If money was no object, I am it would have been more of a no brainer. @RunPlayBack most recent dual hub build nailed what I aspired to build. But, unfortunately the current AUD rate (shipping kills it!) has made it less affordable to buy in the states so I’ve switched gears to purchase here in Australia and keep the pretty much kept the design more modest. Special mention to @LEVer and @torqueboards for graciously fielding my questions over the last few weeks… stand up guys that I hope to do business with at some point in the future.

I wanted to keep this fairly compact and lightweight for my 195lbs - 6’3" frame as I will likely be toeing it on and off the tram.

The hit list already purchased or on its way:

  1. Landyatchz Topspeed 34"
  2. Enertion R spec 6372 :
  3. Enterion remote
  4. Enertion motor mount
  5. Black Caliber II 50º trucks
  6. Bones super reds bearings
  7. Runplayback (single vesc) Sulaco V1 enclosure:
  8. 10s3p Spacecell

Final part to purchase today/tomorrow:

  1. 12mm pulley kit from Enertion

  2. VESC - (Chaka’s was intended but coupled with shipping to Aust. became too much). So I hope to secure one of the new Enertion VESC for the next shipment.

  3. Wheels - I’ve narrowed this down to one of 3 options. Either the ABEC 11 Flywheels (83mm) or clones, Orangutang Kegels (80mm) or the new Evolve Black/Orange combo wheels (83mm).

Since I am going with more or stealth black look I am really interested in the new Evolve wheels. I imagine they would be of decent quality urethane and would work well with the Enertion. If I went with the Kegels, I’d have to work out another mount system than whats currently available for Enertion. I wonder if I can modify the Evolve fully to work with my set up?

More to come in the upcoming days…


Any flywheel compatible wheel pulley should work for the Evolve wheels. I really like the look of them as well and would snag them up if they were available on Evolve USA’s site. Keep in mind that if you plan to use Enertion’s wheel pulley, you’ll have to cut off some of the hanger on your trucks to fit the pulley. Enertion’s trucks already has a modified hanger.

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@Jinra thanks I was just realising that whilst researching truck angles just now. I remember seeing a post from @longhairedboy doing that very thing not too long ago to fit an Evolve pulley. LHB any tips when doing this? It looking like I’d only need to take about 15mm off.

You could take a hacksaw to it

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That even might be more accurate… I was going to get out the dremel!

Dremel is the tool to go:

see @longhairedboy instagram for more


Received a couple more packages today; Spacecell, Sulaco Enclosure, Caliber trucks and the Enertion remote. Unfortunately the remote arrived with a broken B button, but I am hoping that I can fix this easily enough.

@RunPlayBack your enclosure is looking great on the 34" Topspeed with the preformed curve aligning to the concave of the board almost to a perfect match. It also covers all graphics except the landyatchz wreath at the bottom which actually look pretty nice. The cell only just squeezes into the enclosure… so much so that I don’t think I’ll need to add any foam to pad it out. I imagine this could be attributed to there being a a small amount of variance in the size of each Spacecell.

Caliber trucks look awesome. @Jinra you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve gone ahead and ordered the GT wheels. However, Evolve called me today to say that they wouldn’t actually be getting spare wheel stock until the end of the month. The tech was very interested in what I was planing to use them on :slight_smile: Since I’ll still be waiting on the VESC at that point, I might as well wait it out.


Looks good man, not sure if it came with the trim but I usually use this to put along the edges for some weatherproofing, also neoprene strips can help as well.

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awesome! did you get that space cell a while ago? I’m still waiting for mine

This is a new spacecell to me, but I purchased it from someone who ordered it at the beginning of the year. I think he waited almost 3 months due to the cell importing issues. It is new though and never run on a board.

Thanks Rik I did notice you’ve used that trim on your builds. It provides some weather sealing but I think It also cleans up the edge line of the abs. Time to take a trip to autozone.

What are the dimensions of the space cell that you used in this project and which one did you purchase? Pro3? Pro4?

Pro3 dimensions on my cell are 141 x 388 x 32mm. Its actually pretty close to the listed size… just a bit longer on my one.

Ah great, thanks :slight_smile:

Another delivery today… Man this motor is bigger than I thought. It’s a beast! I did notice that there is some sort of glue on a couple sections on the windings which I assume is normal ( see photo)Just the vesc and my gear 12mm pulley and belt from Enertion to go!


<img src=“” width=“666” height=“500”

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Don’t worry about the glue. It can happen and will not make your motor less powerful.

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evolve needs to get their stock back in. They’re just leaving money on the table from the DIY community. Their spare parts shop is like candy fucking mountain for people like us.


I started to layout the deck and comments tonight and have a question regarding cable management.

Jason suggests that the best way is to chase them around the back of the truck and back around to the VESC. To do this I’ll need to add extensions to the motor wires in order to reach back to the enclose and VESC. Totally obvious as to why a few of you have been routing back through wiring channels!

I’ve attached a image of an alternative that would work, but I am curious if this less ideal?

So this has spurred a couple additional questions:

Firstly, does anyone know if the new @carl.1 VESC will come pre-fitted with 5.5 female connectors like is seen in Jason’s video. Or will it require soldering of wire directly to the vesc?

Secondly if I do indeed chase around the back of the truck, what is the best wire spec to be used for the extension?

Thanks guys!


I think you misunderstood each other. The wires should be orientated to the back and NOT around the truck. If the wires are facing to the back and your VESC is in front it will form a nice loop and the wires don’t kink.

I reread that… Hope this picture makes it clear.

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Thanks mate, it does. I think I made a bit of a leap when I said behind the truck because that is where is looks like it wanted to travel. Any thoughts on the forward layout? It doesn’t feel like it is going to kink or get in he way, but I feel like the is a reason why others don’t usually go this way… Maybe just the look.