SNOW MACHINE | Trampa Holy Pro | Dual trampa 136Kv | Dual VESCX

On going build log

All my parts are ordered

I’m still hesitating on the the battery size, 10S8P or 10S10P li-ion. Guess that will depend on how many cells I can fit in this enclosure battery box.

Got this box to enclose the VESCX.

I’ll be mounting both boxes with vibration dampers. Not sure if it will help for the vibrations, we’ll see.

This will be a fairly quick build, updates will come rapidly.


need some snow chains…? :wink:

I think I do


You also need one of these

@Blasto Here’s another waterproof box option. I’ve got the 7" & 11" boxes on my board. They have nice thick rubber feet on the bottom for built in vibration reduction.

These would work better :sunglasses:


Stuff is starting to trickle in

Screwed up on the vescx enclosure, it’s a little small. I’ll try to make it work.


Get the type 206 box by under water kinetics it works perfect with vescx.

Where did you get those naked cells? Are you gonna heat shrink them? If not I’d be scared of that pack

Can’t return the boxe, i’ll give a try…

Ya those cells look ultra sketch, got them from my ebike buddy, price was right. They actually have a clear shrink on them. Worse case, they are shit and i’ll make another pack.

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Oh okay gotcha. Yea I didn’t see the shrink wrap I was like oh man he’s gonna light his board on fire lol

They say weight is the best way to determine legitimacy with cells. If you don’t want to testing other things

Got some tedious work done, nickel strips cut to measure, punched, deburred and then flaten.

Also got jig all ready for spot welding.

Finally i’ve settled for a 10S7P, looking up @barajabali build’s, 7P is a good number.


Hi Bud , what is the punch hole for?

it is to help prevent the high voltage path of the spot welder to jump across the electrodes. I want the path of least resistance to be through each piece that I am spot welding.

in this config without a hole, the path of least resistance is on the surface of the nickel plate.

now what i am trying to achieve with the holes, is to make sure the current path goes through to the other part that I am trying to spot weld.

I’ve been getting a better bond when I do this, it’s a real PITA but I think it is worth it.

manufactured cells have this air gap for the same exact purpose


Hmmm interesting ,…The Probes are placed on each side of hole ?

Yes, it would be better if i had a slot shape punch, but i don’t and i didn’t feel like nibbling a slot. So a single hole punch will be good enough… we’ll see

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Well look at what was in the mail this afternoon.


:slight_smile: Vertigo + Willozboard (made in France)

Boom ahahahah


But there’s no snow in france :wink:

Parrallel packs done, will do the series connection another night

Mounted my miniature vescx box, i was able to use the existing truck holes to mount my rubber standoffs. @trampa your sensor leads are really short, they need a good extra 100mm to do a nice loop to the box


You can mount your VESCs directly behind the motor casing (in between the two motors). We pre-drilled some holes… Short wires, low losses, no movement in cables. Motor and sensor cables want to be as short as possible.