So my Evolve bamboo came today!

So my Evolve bamboo series came today…

Little disappointed to be honest, don’t get me wrong the build quality and finish are fantastic as are the looks however torque and hill climb ability is pretty awful! I would say on par with the yuneec ego which I also have. After talking with the guys at evolve they told me hill climb ability would definitely be better than the ego but it’s really not!. Don’t get me wrong it rides beautifully on flat ground or on slight inclines and that motor is totally silent and I mean silent it’s amazing even when braking. I’m just wondering if it possible to gear it down slightly to allow bit better torque and lose a bit of top end. Any suggestions?

Still in the process of building another one so could always use that one as a hill climber I suppose.


Well it is a single motor, not very powerful from what I’ve heard… They really are meant for range more than they are for hills. Depending on the hill grades your climbing you should sell your bamboo and invest fully in a DIY build with a nice dual motor set up.

Of course if you have the money to throw, could always invest in the GT…but honestly if you’re patient enough I think DIY would be the better option for your money – I just have no patience to wait for parts/tinker with stuff all summer lol

Lol yeh that’s sort of my problem too, I hate waiting!

What’s your max budget for esk8 (DIY or complete)?

Few hundred till I sell one of my boards really.

I’d go ahead and sell. Prices are dropping for a lot of secondhand gen 1 boards (boosted/evolve). I’d say go DIY if you can spend $1000-1500 – you could get a good super powerful dual motor set up for that. Get a GT (when back in stock) if you can spare 2k – assuming you’re in the US (because thats the price for us). Or if completes are your focus get a used Boosted dual+ for about a grand.

I had both and E-GO and an Evolve for awhile. I found the torque to be substantially better on the Evolve than the E-GO. There were a lot of ramps and uphill gradients that my E-GO struggles on that the Evolve did without even breaking a sweat. It was no dual motor board, but mine was clearly better than the E-GO. I would check to make sure you’re getting enough power to the motor and that everything is working properly. That sounds odd.

I’m sure the electronics are programmed to keep it civil… notnsure what size wheel you have … If you have 83mm I don’t know if you could go smaller … If ur 90mm and above … Moving to an 83mm will help you …as well as changing the tpulleys if that’s an option …

I believe fhe carbon had the better battery snd thus a little more power to go up hills. The bamboo range is the base model of the ecvolves. Now also beng single motor less torque again

For 1500$ u can get two super powerful double hubmotor builds with vescs!

I hear this a lot about commercial options.

if you want to climb hills as if they aren’t even there you need a dual drive 10S or 12S with fat 63mm motors at a lower KV like 190 or below.

i happen to be building two of those right now.

But but…hubs aren’t as powerful as belt driven systems…right? lol

From what I’ve been experiencing of the boosted and evolve boards out there so far I’d say yes that they are way slow and weak. I invite anyone with a boosted or an evolve to race me on any flat or hill and film it. It’s a blowout. I’m on the top of the hill before evolve is half way. Boosted is a bit better. On a flat it’s the same. The peak power of what I have is obviously way more. the weakness with the hubmotors, at least at full speed non-stop, is they will get too hot after too much. Maybe…maybe they therefore have better continuous power but if I were to diddle around on the way up the hill going as fast as they do it…I doubt I’d have any heating issues. A worthwhile test I’m too bored to try. Going slowly just doesn’t happen and I hit every hill at full throttle. I’m sure they do too. Maybe it’s the limitations that are built into those boards. Maybe an amp limit. Probably.

Have 80mm at the mo and I thought about going smaller but ground clearance is already really low especially when going up and down pavements so think smaller wheels will be even worse.

Nothing wrong with power and yes if you get a run up at a hill it manages better than the ego but bottom end I don’t think there is much difference at all.

Yeh spoke to the guys at evolve before I purchased and they said there really isn’t much in difference for Hill climbs just range that’s why I didn’t bother with carbon. And the price! Lol

Fancy building me one?? Lol Are you uk?

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Buying the commercial boards is like going to the car dealer and taking the family wagon because they hold your hand while you fill it up instead of the race car for half the price. At least the raptor has some power.

i’m the US, central Florida actually. I’d love to build you one but i can only ship via ground until i pay some dude $500 for IATA cetifications which i have not yet done because there are classes and homework and crap involved that at the moment i don’t have time for unfortunately.

Hit up boston vlogs and subcribe as a thank you. He makes good vlogs.

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