[SOLD] 2x FOCBOX for sale From Canada

Never used they’re sitting on my table since march. 150US for one or 290 for both

Up still for sale

where abouts in canada? im in ontario

my wallet is empty :cry: I want another board Santa!

Quebec city

250 for both is my offer :smiley:

My offer is that you buy them as new as mine on enertion website for 171USD each and maybe you’ll receive them before 2019 :wink: https://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/FOCBOX-programmable-brushless-motor-controller/


During Enertion sale my price will be 135$ for one, 260$ for two. 15$ shipping to USA or 10$ shipping to Canada

Bump still up for sale you’ll receive them way faster than from enertion with my same day shipping guarantee

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Do you still have the boxes …do you know if they will work with a Acton S2 as I blew my esc…and sick of waiting for a response…I’m looking into getting carvon hubs when ever I can find some …

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I have no idea if it works with acton boards but It would be perfect for carvons

can you send us pictures of the connectors? all youll need is the xt6(/9)0 and the bullets

Do You still have them…im new to the game …and learned the hard way from Acton junk… supposed to be best bang for you buck…ya down the shitter…i rather throw money at a bum …at least he got drunk or stoned…lol…so I use to race RC cars as kid…and it time for me to learn this stuff…I don’t want to be ripped off anymore…lesson learned…I’m in Toronto …I’m very interested in those boxes…do I need two or one for the carvon hubs if I ever find any …thanks for your time and help

2 motors needs 2 speed controllers. enertion has a sale on right now you can get oxboxes for around 180CAD each right now…and from the mouths of enertion themselves on this forum orders should be fulfilled next week since theyre restocking focboxes…

Hey sn4pz…not sure if your talking to me…sorry for the dislecia …lol …for the pics what do take pic of …and what is a xt6(9)0 …and I’m guessing bullet connectors…sorry for not being totally on the game level with names I’m just learning this stuff the last couple days as I got burnt from Acton s2 not even 22 days board is burnt out…they won’t tell me if it battery or esc…it charges but doesn’t get far couple k and then it beeps dieing battery…they made me take it all apart …and waiting for days for a response…fuckers just made me want to become a esk8 builder now …like use to build my RC cars back in the day…gotta be very similar correct …thank you for all the help and knowledge folks…

Abenny thank you sir …much appreciated big time …

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no worries…as a fellow torontonian (kinda…newmarket.) i know the hardships of tracking reasonably priced gear sometimes.

O we a closer then we think …I’m a Port Perry guy …just east of you…thank you very much again…

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Prody let me know if you got them still …I’ll come out for a road trip to visit you… pic them bad boys up …cash in hand …start the build sheet …if not I’ll have to get on enertion site …thanks for your time and help folks …much appreciated