SOLD - 2x New Gold Evolve GTX Motors in box

UPDATE: These have been sold. Thanks for your hospitality. I lost a lot of respect for this forum by the “comments” on this post. If something is priced higher than what you think it’s worth, then take action by not buying it and moving on with your life. Peace.

I’ve got 2 Gold GTX Motors from Evolve for sale.

These are brand new, still in box.

I believe these are not available for purchase by themselves. Not even through Evolve.

Rare find. Only two. Being sold as a pair. $599 for both.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you -Chris

2x Evolve GTX Gold Motors -

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would I be able to talk you down to $558.60? if so that’s a steal!


Username checks out


I can’t tell if this is for realz or not?

If so those damn this better be played in actual gold… oh yeah and you can buy more than 1 set… scam scam scam


Somebody give this guy the boot… @moderators


That’s an awesome deal you’re getting there. you DO know they’re not available for purchase by themselves. Not even through Chin… cough I mean Evolve. Rare find.


I mean he’s not breaking any rules I don’t think. (As long as those photos finish uploading…) Someone might be scouring the planet looking for exactly these motors. If so, they’re in luck. For what it’s worth, the posting should stay in my opinion. Nobody is being forced to buy them.


Ive bought gold hardware and Evolve Wheels from him so I can verify that he at least ships and communicates.

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They are very pretty though :roll_eyes:

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I swear to God if anyone pays $600 for that I’m bringing @longhairedboy’s mom to your house and let her handle you.


I’ll take them both, but only if I can pay you $1000

Unless everyone thinks it’s a better idea to just buy this and this


That’s the DIY way :smile:

I thought painting cans inhibit cooling

Tell that to Evolve :joy:


What shape is Italy?


I think we rare ust joking. At least I have no desire for gold motors…unless I can get plush grip and fuzzy dice, maybe some hydrolics to finish it off. :smile:

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Those motors are the most accurate example I’ve ever seen of a polished turd. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not bad motors when you pay $70 or $80 for two of them, I have them on my board, but they are by no means premium.

Selling golden 6374 motors!! 1k each!! Made to order!!

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I’ll take all of them!

Jeez, hey i’m all for being skeptical of people online that you arent familiar with, and I admit these are priced high, but what gives? No need for torches here people.

I know someone that works at Evolve, and I built some stuff for him custom, and this is how he paid me for parts and labor.

They are in fact genuine evolve GTX motors. No body is forcing them upon you. Someone out there might be looking for these, if it’s not you no worries and good day.

I dont know why the photos arent uploading, but the exact same photos can be seen on my website thru the link i included in the original post.

And as I already addressed in the comments on a previous post, my screen name “Money” was a old nickname some friends gave me about 20 years ago after I showed them the movie Swingers. I created my account on this site over a year ago and at that time I was not expecting to be offering items for sale on here. Lately I have been realizing, personally, i need to create a more positive association with the word “money” in my mind, instead of associating it with bills and stress. I have fond memories of those times back in my early 20’s and I liked the nickname at the time.

My name is Chris Flynn. If ANY of you have any questions or would like to introduce yourselves, or allow me to introduce myself, you are each welcome to call me directly at 619-457-6203.

I am not here to scam anyone. That assumption is actually the complete opposite of me. I own two businesses and I sell a fair amount of things on craigslist. I deal with scammers all the time. Mostly wasting their time letting them think they are reeling me in. The idea is that if their busy chasing me, that’s time they wont be preying on someone else.

I’m a good honest person. I love building high-end skateboards.

Honestly, give me a call. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for reading this.