[SOLD] Bestech 12s 80a BMS NEW

Just an update – Received all (6) of the BMS HCX-D223V1 (12S model only).

I am willing to part with (3) of them. Cost will be price from Lucy invoice divided by 6. Plus about $5 shipping in US 1st class mail + tracking number. I think total is about… $62 paypal ($60 if friends and family—but i prefer no u use this for ur own safety) Zero mark-up. If you know any cheaper way i am down too.

In no hurry to sell. Btw yes they did send the correct balance leads. All units in bestech unopened packaging.

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Man if you can hold me one until after the holidays, that would be amazing. :pray:

sure thing

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Does this one have an e-switch? I will take one if so.

yes it has the two wires for an e-switch (it comes with the two wires for the eswitch soldered on … but u have to actually buy the on/off button urself) Please pm if interested. thanks :pray:t2:

All sold.

@PatRocks @Evan_Byrne @myreala

I will get the packages :package: out tomorrow 9am with tracking.

UPDATE: Shipped out!



Looks like I’m officially upgrading to 12s 976.8 Wh. @Namasaki “Extreme high-power 12s Lipo build with bms” …"and massive capacitor pack " coming soon to a hospital near you lol


I love that. It reminds of this joke…

How do you the tell the difference between a fairy tale and story told by a redneck? A fairy tale begins “Once upon a time”. A redneck story begins “No shit, there I was”.


Famous last words: “Hey y’all, watch this”

Holy shit I am excited. Thank you @gogomrrobot for making this a near-future reality.

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Are you gonna add a third 22ah battery?


Well, that didn’t take long

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Yes!!! However, because the third pack has more Cycles on it, I cannot feel safe running the 3 without a BMS to monitor cell drift.

I still plan on balance charging from time to time, so I’m going to have to come up with a way to make the BMS semi-modular. In other words, I will be able to remove the pack from the BMS and separate each individual pack, hopefully without too much effort.

Then again, I might just let the BMS do all the work

I think it’s high time to get or make an enclosure and put the ultimate touch to that build. You could get @bigben to make you a custom enclosure.

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I’m gonna go with carbon fiber. Something I’ve always wanted to do. Gonna try resin infusion @MasterCho style

That should make a strong enclosure.


So we finally get to see your board in 12S config. :kissing: Shit’s gonna be fun when we hit up Balboa…

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Dude, tell me 8s on my ride isn’t already beyond comprehension. you can ride it again at 12s after you sign a disclaimer lol.

Aight, where’s the waiver?

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