SOLD OUT - Bestech BMS Group buy, 8 though 12s options available

back story, skip below here if not interested:

i got a 12s bms from bestech through @korryh’s group buy.

pretty sure i burnt it out during installation as i shorted the exposed battery’s positive bullet connection onto the heatsink of the bms while the negative connection was made to it. the short created an explosive spark and melted a portion of the heatsink.

for sure the bms discharge isn’t working because it toggles between battery voltage (47v, let’s say) and then dips to 4.9v.

also the charging isn’t working, it’s stuck at 45v.

basically it’s fucked.

so i need a new bms, and i’d like to stick to bestech.

you can find spec sheets here:

the upper and lower voltage cutoffs can be adjusted. in the above group buy it was set to 4.1v upper, 2.9v lower:

minimum purchase is 2, so if someone could jump on this with me. if i get no interest by end of the day i’m just going to order 2 x 12s, and 3 x 10s.

need to get this quickly since i’m charging with a wonky bms.

Hey i am interested in getting a 10s BMS from them? how much are they for the buy?

I just placed order fo 1 10s and 1 8s today

check the first link, prices are listed

these prices will vary depending on quantity ordered but should give you an idea.

ooh, would it be possible to amend order to include four more (2x 10s + 2x 12s)?

about how much with shipping to US?

holy shit, it’s right there in the link:

i saw that but that is for a larger group buy so i figured the pricing would not be the same. I am down to buy a 9s BMS from them let me know if you are going to place an order.

Ill ask last time i wanted to add stuff he said order was gone to be made but ill ask

sorry, that was a bit snarky of me. no worries, but yea i suspect the final price for bms + shipping will vary slightly depending on quantity.

yea i figured that much. IF he can add to his order ill put a 9s on his but if he cannot you want to buy them?

You said you were looking at buying them later today?

that’s right, at least I’ll email donna @ bestech tonight to start the order.

okay where are you located for shipping purposes

los angeles, ca

When I emailed Lucy a few weeks ago she claimed I had to buy 2+ of EACH type (2x10s and 2x8s). :frowning:

I just ordered some from Supower. But considering if I also need some Bestech (6s, 8s, and 10s) for backup.

well i think we are trying to get something soon here just waiting on @thisguyhere to email them some time today and get a response.

sent them an email, will update when i get a response.

hey when you got your other BMS from them did it come with any wires or connectors?

Yes, it came with the balance connector and wires but I ended up getting more wire for extensions to reach the furthest battery.

@Sapphirinia let’s talk about this here

i’m getting some extras for myself but we’d probably get better rates for volume.

what are you looking for? 10s?