SOLD OUT! (thanks for those interested)


I’m piecing out my board to sell quicker, PayPal or Venmo works best. I’ll pay for shipping. Only selling to those inside United States

12s4p Samsung lit-ion battery from torqueboards- $350 SOLD!!!

1x 6355 190kv torqueboards motor- $50 SOLD!!!

2X 6374 190kv torqueboards electric motor (sensors) - $75 a piece SOLD!!!

2X FOCBOXs - $100 a piece SOLD!!!

4X 110mm ABEC11 wheels (with 36t on rear wheels)- $50 for all (edges trimmed and one has a chip out of the wheel but still work great) SOLD!!!

4X 80mm wheels (with 36t on rear wheels)- $20 SOLD!!!

2x 218mm trucks w/reverse motor mounts (used and marked but perfectly functional)- $20 SOLD!!!

dibs on trucks

Will take trucks and mounts in uk though

I will pay shipping

I started typing first

Typed first, also in country

Yeah but I pm him first

So I win

Sick deal for the trucks though

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Prolly post pics, most people will ignore used gear for sale without pics.

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Beat you to pms

Shipping inside the US was on the title. The first reply has dibs, if you’re outside the US, shipping will be added to the total cost



I’ll give you 30 for trucks, more then you asked

Ack…I can’t beat that


The question is who was first though…

Did you get em?

No message back yet

Same here

Don’t have much hope though seeing as I am in uk​:sob::sob:

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There’s lots of stuff sold in UK though…something tasty will turn up eventually

Yeah but not as good as this come on

Sad thing is I just bought a pair from someone for way more

Ill take the 6355 190kv