[Sold] Ownboard W2 ESC WITHOUT THE ENCLOSURE(suitable for Dual belt driven build)., Australia based

20190402_231254 Unused Dual belt motor esc from Ownboard W2.

a little scratch from the outside while I was trying to remove it from the case

PRODUCT FEATURE ESC: The W2 ESC uses a customized Hobbywing ESC with sensors. As other Ownboard models it still has a smooth acceleration & braking but with a faster startup speed and a more powerful hill climb ability. High discharge current of 40A.


Reason selling : Only using the enclosure on dual VESC instead! Looking for $60 include shipping Or pickup Brisbane

Reckon that would work with meepo hubs? I know the diye stuff is specific but is the ownboard?

This wont work with hubs

That hearsay or have you tried it? On the diye site its very specific that you can’t mix and match but there is nothing on ownboards site as far as I can find. I hooked a diye belt esc to hubs and they worked but were a bit rougher is all.

I’m not sure about this. But I do asked Ownboard, they recommend me to use it on belt drive.

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Thanks man. I will do some more research and get back to you. I’m on the sunny coast so shouldn’t be too hard to sort out.

Calling @rey8801 Alessio, hey man sorry to summon but have you any idea why the chinese esc are belt/hub specific?

I also have a supposedly belt version Diyeboard 1.1 running my Meepo 1.0 hubs and it works pretty well. So entirely possible the same is true in this case.

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Hi. 90% chance it will work. The reason why they say is for belt or for hubs, is because is fine tuned for those different drive. So it will work, meaning wheels will spin, but probably the ride won’t be as smooth as is suppose to be with the Hub ESC. Anyhow to me, with the current price of 4.12 VESC why even bother to test ESC?

Or it will have too much torque and no speed.

Ehh. Imagine the programmed throttle curves for 72kv vs 172kv. Also meepo hubs aren’t really designed to take 40A

Oh meepo hubs will go way past 40a without issues… as long as the windings don’t arc (which is almost impossible at 42v)


Thermal issues?

Yeah and that, but it should be fine lol (maybe)

I should see how my 70mm hubs do

No thermal issues for me @25A battery and 80A motor each hub. @rey8801 has a strong point when Flipsky implements the upgrades to solve the 4.20 issues why bother with the Ownboard ESC?

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but even the cheapest 4.12 would do just fine,

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Had my focbox powered ones way over that… @rey8801 thanks man I knew you would know. Its a replacement esc for my sons meepo and Its round the corner. Hes 11 and I like to keep things slow for him.

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Ah I see, well in that case I would still rather go with the vesc so that you can set it actually low and not that if he change the mode can compete with dad’s car :smile:


Talking to me even though you haven’t received my finger yet. lol. I’ve ran a belt drive esc with hubs before and it was just a bit rougher as I said but with the ownboard being a better unit (mine was v1) I was hoping it would be ok.

Hes a little speed demon and will work out vesc tool in 30 seconds flat as soon as I’m out the way. Hes a pain in the arse but His mother loves him.

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ahahahh got it! :grin:

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