Some Help about my set-up for this ESK8 newbie

Hi there!

I’m new into electric skateboarding and I want to make an electric skateboard myself!

So I already did a lot of research, but I’m still wondering if my set-up will work. So I hope you guys can help me!

First of all I want my e-skateboard to have a range of at least 20km (about 12 miles). I also want it to have a speed of about between 25 and 35 km/h (15 and 22mph).

So I already choose a motor: Flipsky 6374 190kv and I just want a single motor. I thought it would be a good idea to have make a Li-Ion battery pack myself with 30q samsung cells in a 10s2p configuration with a VRUZEND v2.1 battery kit. Is it right that those 30q cells can provide 15A continious? So with 2 in parrallel 30amps wouldnt be a problem?

I also will buy a flipsky 4.12 ESC and the VX1 remote controller and I already bought some orangatang caguamas. I was thinking about to buy this: motor mount and pulley kit. (16mm width and 36T)

I hope someone can help me with these questions and I also like to hear some other suggestions! Thank you in advance :smiley:

Greetzz, EVEE


have not seen these used many times for esk8, should work ok.

Hi! Thanks for your reply! Do you just mean the combination of the motor and 10s2p battery or the vruzend battery kit?

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oh my quote got messed up yeah just that kit. Just keep an eye on them if they get really warm go 4P

thx for mentioning !

Welcome to the forum. @Fosterqc is like the local smart guy. Just tag him whenever you need help. His rates are going up in February though.

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Thanks for welcoming me @Crisfell ! I will ask all my questions before february then ;-).

Maybe @Fosterqc or someone else can tell me something about a switch. I saw most switches arent useable for an electric skateboard. So they do have those anti spark switches (flipsky sells these), but i rode on this forum that they dont last for a long time… (and i find them also a bit expensive).

Are there any good other options? I do like those LED press buttons, if that is a possibility.


There are pretty much 3 options for turning on and off an electric skateboard.

  1. Loopkey - Wiring the male XT90s (The side with the pins, not the holes) in series with the positive wire of your battery connection to the ESC, creating a break in the wire, which is completed when a female XT90s ( The side with the holes and the green “L shape” ) which has a loop connecting both pins is inserted into the male end. Usually the male end is mounted to the side of an enclosure and the female end sticks out. This whole method can also be done with an AS150 connector.

The reason an XT90s prevents sparking is that it has a 5.6 Ohm resistor in the connector that slowly charges the capacitors before the connector fully engages and bypasses that resistor.

The bottom part of the image is the loop key.

Note: The connector used for the antispark must be a XT90s, not an XT60 or regular XT90. Check for the green mark on the connector to verify that it is an antispark.

Here is a good example of an enclosure mounted loopkey:

  1. Antispark Switch - These are very nice, allowing a button press or rolling the board to turn on the ESC. The problem is with the design. When an ESC is connected, the capacitors start to charge and pull a huge amount of current from the battery, which is being switched on by the mosfets. The problem is that the mosfets don’t turn on instantly. This huge current combined with the mosfets not instantly being “fully on” while switching causes damage every time you use it. These will eventually die, whether it is uneventfully or with a fire. But there is a solution, which is an antispark with inrush current limiting. It slowly charges the capacitor first so that the mosfets are not damaged.

An example of an antispark which has been fairly reliable so far is the Anti spark Switch Smart Enhanced 200A from flipsky. Make sure it is the “Smart Enhanced” version.

  1. Built in Antispark or Sleep Function - This doesn’t apply to your situation but some ESCs have built in antispark switches or sleep fuctions like on the Trampa VESC where it never actually turns off.