Sony VTC6A, Can anyone source these?

I’ve been trying to find a battery that’s better than the Samsung 30Q that is also 18650. I’ve read through Mooches reviews, and this seems to be the best 18650 available now. Sony VTC6A (or the Vapcell rewrap equivalent) has 3000mAh and 25A. Very hard time finding them though. Does anyone know of a source?

I thought the vtc6a was a 20650?

Nope it’s 18650

nkon has them:

pretty expensive for the almost non existent gains, unless money is not a problem i would stick with the 30Q

That’s a VTC6, I am looking for the VTC6A.

Still that cell you linked is only €0.70 more. I wouldn’t consider that too much to go with them over the 30Q… Strangly though that site has higher ratings for the VTC6 than I’ve ever seen… Makes me skeptical about it. Says it’s 3120mAh and 30A, which would make it more powerful than the VTC6A… The VTC6 is the same as the Samsung 30Q, 3000mAh and 15A… This site is normally really reliable, but their numbers are off here…

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I know the Samsung is capable of 20A, but would it be better to get the LG HG2 which is rated 3000mAh and 20A? They are about the same in price aren’t they? (This is assuming I can’t get the VTC6A… :frowning:)

I though they were the same, just different factories, but “A” the is indeed an improved version

From the info I managed to find looks like it’s pretty hard to find. Like most Sony batteries they are primarily made to manufacturers, not end user

I still think that any gain is worthless compared to 30Q or other high power battery unless you are making a crazy off road 4WD board that will have sustained very high current draw or 1P / 2P battery

No just going to be running dual TB 6380’s… They pull a lot of amps though… Will be using 12s4p with dual ESCape’s to power them. Would’ve preferred 12s6p if going with 30Q’s, oh well… So what about the LG HG2? The Samsung is rated 15A but it can do 20A. Where as the LG HG2 is rated 20A, so can it maybe do 25A? Lol forgive me, my battery knowledge is not very much. I do think for what I’m running, if I could find the Sony VTC6A’s it would be worth the extra cost for them… Just my personal opinion. :smile:

Lg HG2 is over rated. Samsung 30Q runs at a higher voltage and delivers more mah

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If i’m not mistaken the HG2 is not produced anymore, or if it is there’s a lot of fakes arround, just buy from a trusted seller

The HG2 runs hotter than the 30Q, higher internal resistance, Mooch rated it at 17A because of that

The truth is that any of these cells will make you happy, i bet you would only be able to feel the diference running identical boards and one right after another

Don’t forget that at low speeds what counts is motor amps, the battery current is way lower

Suppose you are running the 6380 at 100A each, 12S4P with the 30Q at 80A total. You would have full torque up until 40% of your top speed

Now lets put the VTC6A with same motor config and 100A total, you would keep full torque up until 50% of your top speed

After that point booth setups the torque drops linearly until top speed until the motor current = battery current

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Here you go… I get my 30qs from this site & there legit

They sell the 30Q for $4.98 though. Aren’t they usually around like $3.75ish? Anyone know the best place and the best price for the Samsung 30Q’s??

Seems on nkon they go for €2.90 which is $3.39 which is fantastic, but that’s overseas so I imagine shipping is a PIA… Any comparable priced US resellers?

Looks like it’s a flat €30 fee for FedEx. Anyone want to get in on this and save on shipping? Could get a group buy going if needed.

$4.25 each if you buy 50 from Shipping is only $10 for 50 to me.

$4.43 each from Says shipping is $12

That’s really good, but I just checked what it’d be for 50 cells plus shipping and it comes out to $4.09/cell (shipping included) on nkon. Damn I wish I’d of been able to get in on the GB they had where they were like $3.25 or $3.50 shipped. Still, $4.09 any bad. Comes out to $204.56 for 50 sells shipped. I can live with that, though if e prefer to get a GB going to help save some.

Have you built a board yet? Do you know how much power these cells have? You will never ever run these at the currents you speak of continuously.

I have run both sonys and Samsung at and above 20a continuously for a different application and the amount of power is stupid. Running 80-100a is going to burn up your motors before your batteries.

The quality of the cell also won’t matter unless you are spot welding copper pads on the cells. You cannot run 20+a continuously through nickel tabs. You wil be wasting most of your power to heat.

You will be extremely disappointed when you spend thousands on your first boards and it goes up in flames.

E. I’m assuming you are building your own battery when you have never built one before.


Well I’m working on my first board board now. One of the reasons is taken so long is I’ve been researching like crazy and only buying the best parts to avoid said fire :wink:

I planned on making my own battery but I decided to go with the NESE Modules. Though I plan on building a battery in a few months. I’ve build very complicated things before and have done an insane amount of research for building a battery. Every one who builds them now had to start at the beginning.

Research isn’t equivalent to experience. You can read about all the different ways to ride a bike, drive a car, build furniture, blow glass, build electric skateboards and build batteries but it still doesn’t mean you know how to do it.

This is the equivalent of riding a bicycle with training wheels.

You plan on building a battery that can do over 100a? this is the equivalent to riding a downhill bike on a super technical trail.

Two completely different worlds.

Yes but the ones who skipped all the intermediate steps are the ones with nothing but a pile of ashes left.

Everyone good at it slowly built up to it. I’ve been building batteries for three years now. Most of them way more complex to what you see on these forums and I still treat every one of my builds with utmost respect. Knowing the damage that these things can do is humbling.

Be careful and don’t hesitate to dial it back some and be safe. It’s not a dick measuring contest.

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