Speed demons......rationalisation

A lot of you guys/girls talk about how fast you go/want to go on your boards. I don’t often see anyone say that they want to go ~22km/h.

I built my board (nothing spectacular) and have been riding/commuting daily-ish since December 2017 and the fastest I go is about 22km/h. I often commute at stupid o-clock in the morning through the CBD (Wellington NZ) so the amount of traffic/cars/people are not a problem… but the thought of some random fault in my board and me flying off definitely limits my top speed (this happened the other day - phase wires unplugging themselves = motor locking up).

So how do you justify/rationalise it?

I used to ride a sports bike (1000c Aprilia) too fast for a few years, took huge risks so it’s not like I don’t like excitement. I kind of like riding my board fast-ish too, but I kind of like my hands and how they help me earn a living (software dev).

ps - I wear a helmet and gloves. I’d be a fool not to.


Personally I don’t want my boards to be capable of going over 20 to 24mph (32 to 39km/h)


My board is capable of 33km/h (according to a calculator).

There is a big diff between 24mph and 22km/h of course (stating obv sorry).

I figure I want to be able to “run off my board” should I get ejected. 22km/h is probably too fast for that.


I want my board to be capable of higher speeds for when i have a smooth, strait street ahead of me. Also just to say it can go that fast :joy: I currently don’t have the balls to go 35+, but I am sitting at 18-20mph and it just doesn’t fell like quite enough when going strait.


I only ride 15-25mph pretty much 99% of the time. I wouldn’t want to go faster than 30mph personally.

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I want a board that goes faster than 22km/h because Hey! I can push that fast.

Ok so 22km/h is 14 mph :expressionless:

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This. I normally don’t want to – but on a smooth road I’m very familiar with in the daylight with few cars I am comfortable going faster than I can run off. But most of the time 18 or 20mph (29 to 32km/h) is a fine top speed.

Boards that go 35mph (56km/h) or more to me are just too dangerous.

When people say they don’t want to go faster than they can run off are they thinking about some glitch that slams the brakes or just costing or what?

My phase wires unplugged themselves and shorted a little which caused my motor to lock-up momentarily. Luckily I was only going at “fast running” pace so didn’t hit the deck when I went flying off. If I had been going at 30mph (or even 20mph) then it wouldn’t have been pretty.

Late summer here so I wasn’t wearing long sleeves/pants.

So yes is the answer to your question :slight_smile:

Also: “stones”.

I’m not trying to be rude but I think its kinda like not going fast on the highway because your scared your brakes won’t work. They should work and your car must be safe.

And let foot-breaking be Your E-Brake.


The fastest I have taken my board is 34mph. I am usually riding in the 27-30 mph range and I love it. Usually I am riding in the roads, in the city with traffic (no bike lanes) and I wouldn’t feel safe not keeping up with traffic.


Fair point.

I reckon there are a lot more variable in skateboarding.

btw - not trying to convince people otherwise… or people to go slow. I have seen that in the motorcycling community (online), I’ve done some stupid stuff on a bike… but was able to rationalise it more than I can with skateboarding.

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Keeping up at speed makes sense. Also riding “aggresively” so not to be ambiguous about what you’re doing makes sense too. Almost “defensive driving”.

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I also just like the thrill of hauling ass on my board. For me it is like a neverending DH run. :smile:

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I def appreciate that.

I get a thrill from the fact that I’m going so fast with a [relatively] small battery and small motor.

Very “Buck Rogers”.

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While my board can hit 40 easily, I mostly ride in the 20-35 range. I can push up to 20mph by leg easily… So going slower then that is like crawling.

I, inspect my board before every ride so don’t fear failures to much as I’ve built and learned and built some more(think I’ve had my hands on almost 30 boards now)

I’ve hit 40 maybe a hand full of timessince finishing my evo, mostly when I’m performing quick hops between developments on main roads.

I said this a few months ago, but going downhill at 35-50mph feels and responds entirely different to a powered board going that speed. Entirely different skill set almost.

My justification is to keep up with traffic on up to 40mph roads, as I skate street primarily, but I also wear gear intended to protect me at such speeds…


I can get 17-19mph on a Perfect road going both ways so no downhill there, any faster I have to behind some bus to brake my wind.

how DaFuq do you do 20mph easily?

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I feel way more in control when powered vs DH. But since I have not done a lot of DH and only hit 45 a few times, this does it for me.

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Luckily for me my wheels have no traction lol

Im trying to take it easy at around 25kmh because if i fall or anything the board will probably fall in the sea and go boom…

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