Sprockets & Chain drive AU

where abouts are people getting their sprockets and chains from for a chain drive setup. Prefer a local shop in AU. looking for a 13T/40T setup



thanks, sadly the sites down for maintenance i think. would you know if these sprockets require any modifications from the site?

There is no guarantee that the bore is right so if recommend reboring it yourself

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This is the most common one used in Aus but you can also get smaller motor sprockets off aliexpress to give you more torque. I run this with a 10t motor sprocket on 100mm wheels with dual 6374’s and this gives me heaps of punch and a top speed over 50km/hr. I also buy a generic pitbike chain off ebay or aliexpress and have a chainbreaker that allows me to make whatever length chain I need for my application.

ah thanks i will check this out. im looking at a 3.5 ratio roughly but im not sure if this will give me enough torque. but it does give me the speed im after but a chain breaker will be ideal with a few different sprockets if they are cheap enough so i can play around with the ratios to get something i like

im building this for a DIY Trampa build with 175mm Superstar hubs with a goal of reaching 70kmh

The chain to use is 25h. The chain breakers are super cheap and are fiddly but work well. You simply push the rivets out, make the size you want then push them back in. This is the tool.

and the chain

As for 70 km/h on pneumatic tyres - you will have to have 4WD and heaps of power. That is absolutely crazy. Have you ever actually gone at those speeds before? You could adapt these sprockets to fit your wheel but will almost certainly have to redrill the holes in them to make them suit your application. Just make sure they are smaller that your wheel diameter.

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i top out at about 40kmh on my current build but thats using GPS tracking to calculate that speed and it feels pretty slow to me. but saying so im a speed junkie

thanks for the links, the chain looks pretty good at a cheap price too, issue is i have found suppliers but the shipping cost is more than double the product cost just to ship to AU with fedex for some reason so getting them imported from the US and UK is kinda out of the question. its like $130 USD for $50 AUD in parts if your lucky

Also it is a lot easier to go bigger on the motor sprocket than on the wheel when going for speed. For example if you wanted to use that kit with the 27 wheel sprocket putting on a 15t 8mm motor sprocket would get you to 66km weighed or a 16t would get you to your 70km weighted target using 100mm wheels. if you were using pneumatics you could use maybe a 12 or 13t motor sprocket to get your top speed. Also good to note is that the wheel sprocket I listed fits a standard diameter skate bearing so they are really easy to centre depending on what type of trucks you use.

Ahh ok cool, im looking at using neumatic tyres 175mm from trampa. i took this into consideration when picking the sprocket setup

im trying to get

13T/40T 12T/42T 14T/52T

but its hard finding the right parts, where most sprockets are already pre drilled to fit their own applications. im trying to aim for 13/40t or 12/42t so i can get some better ground clearance with the chain and not stress the motor too much. but issue is finding these specific parts for a reasonable price >.<

ZachTetra linked a site up above but it seems to be down for maintenance. im just hoping they have what i need to fit the SK8 motors with a keyway at a reasonable price.

are you running 10 or 12s

12s8p might try and get a 10p in there though

Have you used this site to calculate your top speeds using those ratios? They are all way over the speed you want using those ratios and you will find that it will really limit your torque uphills especially for a mountain board.

As far as loading up the motor if the ratio is the same the load is the same regardless isn’t it?

This is the type of motor sprocket I use. You can get it in a variety of teeth. Yes it looks bad but in fact works really well. I have put hundreds of km on these and they are bullet proof.

well the thing is im not sure what the ratio is meant to be. i heard anything between 3-5 ratio is good. so i went with a 3.5 to get desired speed.


Just play around with the different motor and wheel sprocket ratios in the calculator and see how it affects speed with your other parameters set the same.

what would you recommend the minimum for the ratio to be. i do plan on getting 2 kits, as i live in a suburban area where we dont have any hills apart from an overpass i go over to get to the next town for a ride, but its all flats there. when i do decide to take it in the bush i will be swapping out the sprockets and chain for a much higher torque drive.

yeah that is a good idea. you could use this sprocket with a 10t motor sprocket and you would make 78km/h weighted then swap it for a more torquier setup when doing hills. Something like this https://www.amazon.in/FidgetGear-Teeth-Metal-Roller-Sprocket/dp/B07MGQD8M5