Spuderoo / 'Lil Spender - Spud | 30q 10s2p | Predator Board Dual Hubs | 2x Maytech VESCs

Hello :smiley:

I haven’t really put time into thinking of a good name, so Spuderoo(Spud-err-ouu) will have to do.

Parts list:

  • Deck - Senderized Spud (@Sender )
  • Battery - 10s2p Samsung 30q (@hyperIon2 (I believe it was you who built it? :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • VESCs - Maytech Super VESCs 50a (@hyperIon1)
  • Motors - Predator Board Dual Hubs (@Bobby)
  • Enclosure - Spud Single Stack (@Eboosted)
  • Remote - Nano-x (@hyperIon1)

I’m writing this up after a 3 or 4 mile cruise, and I can’t wait to get back on and keep riding!!! I love this thing!

Admittedly, with my clowny-ass feet, the Spud feels a little on the thin side. I think that’s just me coming from boards like the Evo, and Kiss of Death, which aren’t nearly as concave.

On the upside though, this board is surprisingly powerful for 10a batt max on each vesc, it climbs the hills I need it to, and does so with ease :slight_smile:

A final thank you to everyone who helped collaborate on this project, I really do mean it when I say that this wouldn’t have happened without you guys. Thank you.


20190515_130914 20190515_130953 20190515_130930


Mannnnn this board is too nice for those hubs lol. Im glad you’re enjoying them…


@Sender that spud looks great, well done.

I’m thinking of putting my aging wowgo hubs on my spud, are those 90mm you have?


Yep! 90mm.

I use riptide tunnel risers, although I don’t think you need such a tall riser. A 1/4 inch should be perfectly fine… I can’t comment on using the hubs without the risers, so here’s a picture so maybe you can make your own assessment.




So clean and compact. Love the carbon/frit top. Since you couldn’t think of a more personalized name, imma just call it the 'Lil Spender (Spud+Sender+little+spendy). You can call it that too, if you want. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love it, haha.

'Lil Spender is it’s official nickname :joy:

I just can’t give up Spuderoo :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Glad you like it. I know it’s kind of weird, but one of the little joys I get out of all these builds is the fun of finding a unique, personalized name for each of them, since they’re all so different. Sometimes people figure out the perfect name and nail it right off the bat, but if not, I’m always happy to help…if I can think of something. Funny thing is that I’ve never really felt the need to name any other machines in my life, but Esk8s are so special for some reason, that I’m constantly trying to think of the perfect names for all of my boards.


Agreed. You can’t just add “roo” to the end of every deck name forever. Unless you’re Australian, then I guess you don’t have a choice right? Australian state law or something? :rofl:

But your build did inspire me to go belt + Carvon dual diagonal on my Spud project, which also inspired a name for it, so, thank you. Don’t ask me how my brain made so many different turns to get to that decision. And yes, I know your board has hubs, they look nice and perfect for the purpose, but I just don’t have any hubs to use, so on to Plan B.

Back on topic, how do those hubs ride, and how does that Enertion front truck/wheels feel? Does it ride better than regular non-“precision” trucks?

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Nice build and at first I thought you called it spude-errr-oooo


Awesome. Can we get a close up pic of that sexy carbon and glass frit job?


Nice bulld man! Why changing the hubs? They can handle much more than 10A :smile:

I think your 10S2P is the only thing which is limiting you max battery amps?

I have a simular build but I used the ownboard hubs and their esc and I made a 10S2P 40T pack (esc puts out 22A battery current) but It’s enough for my little Tayto deck. It’s the perfect commuter board for me. Snapchat-1152073445

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Thanks! I’m keeping them for now, but I want a nicer ride overall :stuck_out_tongue:

The battery defo is the limiting factor, but for a little campus cruiser / job commuter its perfect :+1:

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Thanks! Is the glass frit just one color, it kind of looks like a mix of yellow and white? Whats the name of that kind of carbon weave? Its beautiful. @Sender

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It is spring green glass frit, but some are lighter and darker than others.

It is a wide tow CF. It was a real bitch to work with, but has a really cool look IMO


<3 ty bb

I still dont think I paid you for this LOL

If its charge only and not many amps are going through here, I think it is actually fine. It only bothers me that its not straight with the edge of the pcb, so some force could be put on the wire from the side. You could redo it to make it look neater but I think it will do the job as is.


Def put foam across the whole thing. Those spots will quickly wear through from micro vibrations. Its like an orbital sander in there.


We can talk about that in PM. Lol

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Nice build, that carbon wrap is perfect…:drooling_face: @Sender I’m also interested in what foam you’d use in this case✌️

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