Sputtering Motor

Im running 10s5p 30Q’s, Dual FocBox, and 6374 190kv from Torqueboard.

From BLDC tool when I perform a motor detection the motors detect just fine. However when trying to operate the motors from the remote, I’m just getting a sputter.

Anybody have any ideas? I am using PPM and UART with one vesc as the master and the other slave.

Here are my settings on BLDC. I’m not sure whats happening.


Did you setup it with sensors or sensorless? Does the studder already happen on the bench or only loaded?

Thanks for the response. I have each motor’s sensor wires connected to the vesc, and in BLDC tool I have the sensor mode type selected as Sensored.

The studder happens on the bench when throttling with the remote. I haven’t throttled with load, figuring the motors aren’t turning on the bench they probably wont spin with load. However motors will run when I hit “start detection”.

Is that split ppm or can bus?

If you do motor detection, can you look the results of you hall sensors? Maybe they failed? Did you try to set up your focbox in FOC? Maybe there you don’t get that problem

@dareno Right now the two VESC’s are connected via canbus. Should or would it make a difference to have them connected via split ppm. If so how do I do that?

@Andy87 After I do a motor detection, where could I look to see if a hall sensor failed? I don’t think I want to try setting up in FOC mode because I want to use a bluetooth module which requires UART.

No man thats cool you just said ppm and master slave. With split you have to set up as two masters. If you are using canbus make sure you keep them both powered with the canbus connected. V IMPORTANT.

this just threw me for a minute.

@dareno I thought setting up in ppm and master slave was only as simple as going under app configuration and general tab, then selecting “send status over CAN” then naming the " controller ID" of each vesc a different number ie) 1 and 2.

I don’t think I set them up correctly then…? How would I go about getting it to work like I thought it would?

When you hit write motor app, there will be an error about halls being out of range

Motor app?42%20AM

I don’t want to confuse you, I haven’t used bldc tool in awhile. I use vesc tool and a red error will pop up: “bad detection results”

Edit: sorry, I’m making this worse. In AM if you don’t get this figured out, I’ll find an old computer image with bldc tool and try to walk through.

Looks good so far. It’s the right down window under detection results. Scroll a bit down and there it’s written when your sensors failed

You can use your uart also in FOC. It does not make any difference.

First of all use hybrid mode it works better for everyday use. It basically removes sensors after 6kmh or so which is what you want. When you do the detect on each motor make sure that you hit apply and get the green write ok notification and the big window will have the results. when you hit apply it will send those findings to the vesc.

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Is there any difference in any of the Vesc tool programs? Or is the platinum/gold/silver/bronze just a way to pay it forward for the developers of the programs?

Yeah looks like he didn’t push apply after motor detection. There still written the stock values in the right upper field.

@Jcullinan09 did you push apply and write to the vesc after motor detection?

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Its a conscience thing this whole set up is the brainchild of Ben Vedder and its good to give back. I love vesc tool for ease of set up but you will have to update the firmware before you can use it and I was trying not to make this more complicated for you.

No difference

@Andy87 I did in previous attempts before deciding to try and ask for help. Let me apply it once more just for good measure. I don’t think it’ll make a difference.