Star Platina/12s4p/Avenue RKP + Hobbyking mount build; in progress

I’m finally upgrading mine to 2 motor. (now it will be twopunchboard) I order a avenue RKP just to try out but I figured out to put a motor mount on it. still prototyping…

Take a look

I made flat spot to hold the mount, obviously there is large gap btween mount and truck, but I figure if i put random scrap metal and jb weld it will hold. i did this in previously and u need sledge hammer to take it out.

Anyways, avenue rkp hanger is super light weight, I thought it was some kind of plastic at first tho… and bushing sit is tight at the base and open at road side. seems promising for free rider like I am


I would try having it welded into place once its in the right spot

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That looks great! I’ve been wanting to see how Avenue trucks perform in Esk8 since I first saw them! :smile:

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im using tkp ver. of it. they are great. they really take stress out of ur knee. riding is superb. they glide like a butter on hot pan. down side is they are expensive for the quality. I think RKP is better quality

yeah if I can’t hold it in place, Im ganna dril a bolt or something. but jb weld do very good job so far on my old one

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Tell us about the performance when you have the chance

yeap right now im putting them together and see if the mount holds in rough condition. as long as it doent move side by side it sould be good.

That hanger is made from magnesium and the designer told me it wouldn’t handle holding a mount and I shouldn’t try. But I’m curious how long it lasts, so do it dude and keep us posted…I have everything to try this myself…

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yeap It is magnesium alloy. super light weight. they are soft for sure. Here is update: so I put nuts in every small holes in addition to jbweld as a filler.

I’ve use different jbweld original but it is first time using pro grade. it is thicker and less brittle than syringe type. very promising.


mount is rock solid.

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She’s all wired up! but here in canada, it snowed so heavy untill monday, couldn’t test yet.

right now I can tell the it grip like a gorila. even if I lean so much that getting wheel bite, it does not lift other side of wheel. veryvery good


you should try put the rkp suspension baseplate on another trucks hanger like the torque boards 218mm trucks hanger. if that works then it would be ideal.

Cant hanger is very low, and king pin is much smaller so the other king pins wont fit. you have to custom made.

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so i just ran solid 20 miles non stop. and it is bullet proof i hit a big blocks and hilled up 25% for 5min full and i think I hit 35+ mph. mount is solid no crack at all. actually the old tkp cracked and wablly now.

so this truck feels very smooth gripping crazy. surprizingly turnable. i can easy pass big pot holes as fast as i want. only down side is the stock bushing is too soft. and they gave me flat washer instead of cup. can’t wait to get second set for the back.

And why doesnt more people try this. it lits!


Damn, It would be great if it did. The idea of wide trucks with suspension would be great

nice work

I gave up fiting a motor mount on the Avenues, the hanger geometry is too worse and others hangers don’t fit their RKP-base-plate, that sucks.

I use the Avenue RKP for my front-wheels and the Avenue-Baseplate + Evolve hanger on the back, that’s the best way of wide suspension setup for now.


So the evolve hanger fits their regular suspension baseplate perfectly?

Would you say the ride is way better than regular trucks or is it negligible ? Very interested to tryout a pair

The Evolve hanger fit the regular baseplate without modication, not perfectly but 98%, good enough

For suspension trucks in general, the difference is hard to tell, negligible on normal roads but they eat up hard bumps which is nice. I like them, other people don’t, depends…

Actually I saw your video before trying fitting avenue to esk8.

I saw the avenue ad and thought " there’s gatta be a guy who tried" and saw ur video on youtube. haha

on my RKP, made some flat spot with file and some epoxy.

was much easier than tkp.

and actually the suspension makes board feel glide, so in a way it is scary when going fast. i get this feeling of ganna slip away even tho it is just board gliding. really weird feeling.

but the main reason i went this route is because I want to ride on side walk without hurting my knee.

so I calculated the distance today. it came out 36km for 360wh battery (36v 10ah lipo) dead on lol, it is with 1 yr old battery so U could get 5 to 10 percent more when brand new. it is damn efficient.

Update. Second set came today. I decided to make it more precisely.

So first I flattens the truck a bit. it is soft enough to use filing. then I put motor on to see the space I gave 1 cm btwn the motor and base plate. mount looks straight now I need to make space for C clip used drumel to grind away the mount my hand isn’t steady and the drumel I have has terrible centering so it was a bit trial and error. now i’m doing epoxy with jb weld. I taped one side so it doesn’t spill. Epoxy wont hold the mount. Mount is held by clamp load. but the epoxy will hold against vibration. for the gap I put bolts and nuts as before. but this time I heated up so it will fill the gap better and hardens faster because JB weld needs 8 hr to set. even hairdryer will do, it only needs like 40-60c degrees.
And after couple hours I’m ganna come back to remove the tapes