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you think the battery will be too crap…died after some use?

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I can keep the motor,battery.esc…and add it in a better skateboard of my choice…

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Hiii i wont price list for all parts


I have all the stuff to make an electric mountain board but I can’t figure out how to make/ get my mount to work, could someone help me? idk where to post this so i just tossed it in here sry.


Hi, I am planning to build something which is quite similar to electric skate board but it has an auto pilot function to “follow me” the subject it wanted to follow. I am an enthusiast road cyclist that witnessed too many cases where cyclist get run over by car or motorcyclist from behind. My project involve an electric skate board in principal with auto pilot function to follow the cyclist from behind with flashing lights to warn the rear incoming traffic about cyclist at the front.

My questions are as follow:

i. Since my electric skate board won’t be carrying people but only some electronics gadget, what will be the size of motor i need for 30kg load? ii. what is the battery size needed to power the motor for 8 hours or more? I wanted the electric skate board to be able to run 7 hours straight because sometimes i will need to cycle 7 hours. iii. I would like my skate board to be able to turn 180 degree, what mechanism can i install on the skateboard?



Hi, I just bought everything I need tonbuild an E-Boarf because I’m doing one for school. The problem is that I only bought 1 5s lipo battery and I am wondering if it’s possible to make my E-board without buying another one because all of it is quite expensive.

Thanks in advance, Guillaume

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Yep 5s will work fine


Thanks a lot:)

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Hello my name is Antonio, I built a skateboard with only one engine and two-wheel drive. I modified the engine. What do you think?


Did you just extend the motor shaft?

hello … I have the drive shaft broke and I decided to replace it with a longer one … and it works well… do you like?


I cannot imagine how you will drive a curves. The wheels on the left or ride side have to spin faster to make a curve. In your design the back two wheels will always spin the same rpm?

correct … go-kart use the same system and are still very funny… I’ll make a video to demonstrate how it works … as soon as possible.


Is there a way to make hub motors??

I keep noticing people with tags under their names, such as @lox897 with the tag “Youngest ESK8 Builder”, or @laurnts with “Hardgaan!”. Is this a moderator thing or is there a way to add this in preferences?

Only moderators can edit this. Maybe @onloop could change the permissions because I think this is a good thing that everyone should have access to.

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I think everyone should put their Porn Name

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Good idea:grinning:

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