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You’d save more in the long run

If I have 12s7p battery and charge it with 54V 9A charger. Does it mean that each cell is charged with approximately 1.28A of current?


I was wondering if anybody would like to buy two 6374 belt driven motors for 150

How come I am not able to create a topic/thread?

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Two things:

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  2. You’re on the wrong forum. Go to forum esk8 news, use the sane name, and I’ll set your trust level right.

Can anyone help me with this? I’m getting ripped off and I ride my board to work- used to!

If you want to sell to the western world you better send that esc on a rocket to my house and it better arrive tomorrow. I’ve never had an experience like this on amazon. I’ve been loyal . I’m going to the message boards. I ride my board to work and I’ve bought many esc they arrive at a reasonable length of time. I ride to work-4 min; walk -30 min. Been Doing the 30 min thing or uber Lyft over 2 months . Amazon status says item may be lost but my inquiry from you said wait a couple weeks. This is really disheartening. I can’t recommend this speed controler to anyone from this seller and unfortunately you are the only one that claims to have it. It seems to still be available on Amazon. You need to refund my account asap so I can look for another. I think you know this item will never arrive! The china post says it never arrived or left any facility. If it doesn’t arrive at the crack of dawn tomorrow-there aren’t many of us e boarders but we are rely on on another for equip and advice.

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hello all !

You’re saying hello to an empty room, my friend. Everyone packed up and moved the the esk8 news forum.

For anybody still lurking around here. I’m making a post from this reply. A "4wd penny board :blush:. Haven’t seen it done before, so I thought it will be nice as my first project. I will be uploading pics, of my build here due to my nubness…I’ll update y’all soon

hey guys, looking for more information comparing turnigy sk8 6374 149kv vs 192kv which one is better for mountain board use ? 200mm wheels

hey, we really need to know about your other parts.

the motor KV really only determines the speed it will spin.

so battery voltage & drive train gearing ratio needs to be considered.

Hey @onloop ! basically i am planing on building a mountain board that will use 2 6374 motors and a flipsky 200a vesc probably i want to build the battery, that will be able to hold both of this motors, 160a or 200a combined. (18650) btw what kind of battery will be the best for long range(at least 20miles) and top speed of around 30-35mph what setup would you recommend to build ? i tried to open a new thread with no luck so sorry about that…

read this article to get a better understanding of drive train setup

Hi can anyone help me a with Foc setup? I didn’t have the sensor wires, so I soldered some in. L and R detection doesn’t work in the bldc tool

Picture please

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What do you need a picture of?

Everything still works fine in regular sensorless bldc mode though. @onloop is there a way I can test if I soldered them alright? Is a failed calculation the result of bad wiring?

What useful information may I give you?

Alright sorry to be bothersome. By no replies I assume it was a stupid question and poor wiring as the cause.

How does one “upvote” an account

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