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nooo idea lol

nice work bros

Useful post!

With mail in ballots duh …:joy:

Me. How much you got?

@onloop Got a part of the early enertion history here. For how much did they go for back in the day?

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Do you have a pair of those??

Only a single unfortunately.

i think i even have the fitting wheel pulley.

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Hi, Im new but cant find a really powerful shortboard that is to my likeing, i know that going over a certain speed could hurt me but I kinda want to… I’m thinking of using the backfire mini with its front wheels also motors but can be disconnected to be a standard skateboard…is it possible? Regards Lucas

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Anything is possible my friend.

I may or may not have bricked my esc. I have a flipsky dual 100A vesc and i was testing my board and it ran off into a stair and the receiver got hit and shorted out (saw the glow of the receiver) then the board stopped. Vesc only shows lights on one side now as if the other esc died. I am not sure how to trouble shoot as it doesn’t make sense for the receiver shorting to brick the whole esc some advice will be appreciated.

Hey need help im a first time builder and my board is ok bit im used to the speed and want to make it quicker without spending heaps any help please ? You can email me @ [email protected]

I got a raptor 2.0 and my 10s battery gets cut out at 30% on the capacity any help happened after I re programmed

email Massivestator about it.

Could somebody let me know what the current software everyone is using for programming a focbox unity? I am setting up a new board and haven’t had to touch either VESC TOOL or the native focbox unity software in a while. Just wondering if somebody could help push me in the right direction to what programming software everyone is using nowadays. Thanks!

what can burn out the esc? will going up a big hill burn it?

Hi everyone, I’m looking to Change a couple things on my electric mountain board. One of them is taking the 12s6p battery I have on it from the bottom of the board and transfer it to a top box enclosure. I’m just curious if this is at all possible?

It’s possible, but that depends on whether you have a spot welder to break the battery apart and reweld them into a box form. Or if the battery were all soldered as a flexible pack. You could probably resolder it to a box as well.

I have a Skatebolt electric skateboard. I paid 549.00 for it in the sale. It will do 25 MPH climbing 25% of the hill level and basically everything but the fastest kit will do. I also own 9 other skates, mostly longboards with a few old-fashioned skates thrown in. I would love to convert at least 1 longboard and 1 skateboard, but the cost of this kit is MUCH more than the complete board. I’m thinking about buying another complete board and stripping its running gear for the transfer might be a more cost-effective option.

Hi.Have you tried SYL eboards? What is your opinion on build quality and general?