Stealth build: Space Cell | VESC | LHB | CF vinyl | Fiberglass | 190kv

So here’s my latest board… been in the works since I’ve gotten my Xcarve. this is the deck from @longhairedboy that has all that milling

It’s late here, so I’m just posting some teaser pics for now- more specs within the next couple days + a video

Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…

top still needs paint and a sick griptape job- still TBD, so no pics for now.

In the build vid I’ll have some Xcarve action, fiber glass, and eboard building timelapse goodness… Looking forward to putting it all together this weekend!


So so sick my brother!

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That deck :heart: @longhairedboy


Very nice! I like the antique enertion mount.

Nice, how did you get it so thin? It looks like it barely sticks out from the deck, and the space cell is thin, but not that thin.

check out this thread:

going retro over here @thisrealhuman- I need to just take off all of the anodizing and make it black, because right now it looks like shit, lol.

If I recall, is deck is called the “Phat Matson” @cmatson @longhairedboy It came out great! I dig the custom enclosure, it makes it look so professional. Is it wood wrapped in CF vinyl?

I actually just went the old fiberglass route- I picked up some west systems resin and hardener a couple weeks ago, and wanted to put it to the test.

I’m going to be doing a wood themed build on my Arbor board though

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Great build! Looks awesome and stealthy AF

Yes, the Scarlet Witchblade is the official name it will probably go with long term, but we call it the Phat Matson because its a fat 9ply, 10.5" deck that i made specifically for @cmatson at his request. And I will probably always call it that, so maybe that’s what its proper name should be.

I haven’t listed them on my site yet because i forgot to take a pic before i sent it to him. And because there’s also a growing pile of shit i havn’t listed on my site. Like better programmable fuel gauges that i found on ebay that i might just keep for myself.

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I like them a lot too, and they’re open source now. They work great for 50mm motors so i may have some made and list them to bring back the feels.

Nice! That has a super clean look. :thumbsup:

This looks so good, i’m thinking of doing something similar. Did you open up / modify the space-cell for this setup?

Edit: Nevermind, just checked out the CNC thread, really nice work!

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update? 20 characters

video coming REALLY soon… will have it up tomorrow morning!!

super stoked about it… @RunPlayBack watch out, lol :wink:


just kidding, it’s probably trash in comparison, haha but a guy can only try!

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Video is up @willpark16 @RunPlayBack!


Great job with the build and the video I ship it

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Your esk8 videos are definitely improving. Nice work. Is that 3M Vinyl?

yep! Amazon has rolls for super cheap and free 2 day shipping on prime.