Steez Remote Group Buy

Hey Guys,

Would anyone be interested in a group buy of these awesome Steez remotes?

Looking at about £50/$70 for the remote, receiver & silicone cover.

Just gauging interest but would be aiming for a target of 18 people, so pls reply if you want in!

Cheers, Jack

You can buy them from enertion

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for an extra $40 usd, yes.

I would down for 2, maybe 3. Jason was spot on about these remotes. Never had a drop out, feels great in the hand, and throttle control feels great. Personally, I like it better than the torqueboards remote.

Whose the company who makes them? China?

so 70-100 usd

unless you can get them for 50GBP or cheaper it wouldnt be worth it.


Yeah Maytech in China,


They are 50GBP or 70USD :slight_smile:

I would be interested

Would be interested, any idea about shipping cost (to new zealand, we’re pretty far away down here)

You know what, If these were a reasonable price I’d get one.

as it stands I could have two nyko kama’s or like 9000 GT2B’s for the same amount.

@Luke NZ is about £10/15 with 5-7 day delivery so not bad.

@lowGuido £50 isn’t unreasonable for the price of 2 GT2Bs you get a dedicated skate controller with cruise!

@Jack What would shipping to Sweden cost? I’m probably in for 1.

@Johan Sweet, £10 to Sweden :slight_smile:

I will be in for 1. Do you know how much is shipping cost to canada (toronto)?

I felt that way also, but I said fuck it, i’ll try it, and I don’t regret it. Even for $110, its worth it. Battery life is like, 20 hours+. And it feels great, stick control feels way better at high speeds than trigger IMO.

But for $70? That’s a good price.

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@Vito Shipping to Canada is £12

So around 87usd final cost. I’m in. How many people do we have confirmed?

@Vito well thats 7 people interested so 11 more and the steez goes ahead, ill get them in 3/4 days after ordering so you all should get them in just over a week. :smile:

Does it come with a receiver?

What would shipping to the uk cost?

@Hummie Yeah of course :slight_smile:

@bigben £4 for UK