STREET WING - UK/EU Store (Worldwide Shipping) - We have FOCBOX in stock!


A brand new online store for electronic skateboard parts has now launched! Some of you may have seen Street Wing pop up in the forums as we have been testing and soft launched a few weeks ago to make sure our website and customer service systems are up to scratch.

Street Wing is now officially launched and there is an extra 10% discount available for a limited time to celebrate the launch of the website. Use this coupon at checkout: streetwinglaunch

We have FOCBOXes, Motors, Remotes and a whole lot more in stock and ready to go, with lots more products being added over the coming weeks.

Street Wing is based in the UK and we pride ourselves on quick dispatch times and great customer service. We delivery worldwide and our customers outside the EU can benefit from the UK’s cheap postal rates.

Come and check us out for yourself!


How is the situation with VAT, considering the brexit ?

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UK is still in the EU for the time being…


@bigben Thanks for clearing that up ! I hope when UK exits EU the street wing shop will still be a viable option for folks in the EU.

I think Street Wing is about the only potentially winner from Brexit, it should actually benefit our customers as we won’t need to charge VAT to folks in the EU.


Hey guys! A couple of questions since I’m interested in ordering:

  1. Are you going to sell batteries (if s,o when)?
  2. Mechanical kits to mount motors (if so, when)?
  3. How long is your coupon valid?


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Ah-Ha! Mr Cow - I will drop you a PM with a price as per our discussion on the Street Wing help chat :slight_smile:

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Ordered a motor and FOCBOX from STREET-WING last week. It arrived next day and David was very helpful proving support and making sure i had all the parts i needed to get things up and running. Thanks :slight_smile:


@ducktaperules thanks man, much appreciated :+1:

Bookmarked :thumbsup:


looks like the code is expired, any chance your still running this promotion?

That promotion actually finished a couple of days ago, but seeing as it’s you asking @ducktaperules - here is a new discount coupon valid for everyone for a week from today, use this code: “youaskedforit”


Street Wing is offering a new service Buy one or more FOCBOX and Motor(s) and the FOCBOX(es) will be configured for you prior to shipping - look in the Kits Section for more details

An avalanche of stock has arrived over the last couple of weeks and Street Wing is very close to fully stocked. I will post interesting stuff in this thread as it comes in.

Check out the new stuff @ Street Wing here

Some of the items in stock right now:


  • 6374 - 190 kV
  • 6355 - 190 kV


Mechanical Parts

  • Motor Mounts
  • Caliber II Fifty Trucks
  • Risers
  • Bearings and Bushings
  • Mounting Hardware, Spacers
  • Belts

Remote Controls

  • Maytech Mini - New Version
  • Mini Trigger

Pulleys - Motor and Wheel

Super useful but hard to find stuff like

  • Micro USB panel mount extension cables
  • Micro USB dust covers


  • Packs coming into stock soon, however custom pack orders can be filled within a few days, please message me if you need a battery.

any chance on a deal for a faithful buyer…your motors only one i run (ignore only have single ) lol nah but planning change that after xmas sort a bro out :wink:

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Google Photos

My Dual 6374 Street Wing Motors and FOCBOXes

Just mounted in temporary enclosures but working great :smile: This thing is rapid.

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what im planning going if streetwing can sponsor me @DavidBanner xD nah but man like the motor havent got ride it yet ut soon very soon :smiley: HOPEFULLY xD

@stormboard1 - I’ve got your back, check your PM’s :slight_smile:

I’m not quite in the position to do that yet, but I am looking for a test rider who is comfortable at 30 mph+ and/or would like to participate in some races. They would realistically need to be in London or nearby.


@ducktaperules wow - your build is looking really sweet!

Lol - I have no doubt with 2 x 6374s :slight_smile: What battery pack are you using?

At the moment im using 12s 1300mah lipo (three 4s miniquad packs in series). One set gets me to work and another to get me home. Its not ideal but does the job. The long term plan is to build a 12s3p vtc5 pack from some recycled battery packs and a bestech 80A 12s BMS.

Im a BIG guy but have been incredibly surprised by the hill climbing power of a single 6374 motor. The main problem i had with the mono setup was getting enough grip to stop the wheel spinning up in the wet. Only just finished fitting the dual and mounting the electronics somewhere temporary but it feels much safer and reliable when applying power in the wet.

holy mother of god! 12S lipos and 6374 190 kV motor = mucho rapidio!

A dual setup is definitely worth if for the extra grip and not needing to carry the board or push kick home if a belt snaps.