Subsonic Century 40 | Suftrodz | Bergmeister | eboosted enclosure | 6355 motors | 12S4P Samsung 30T



:scream: :scream::scream:

Where did you get it man?, I only made some for Paul

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@adman More photos please!!!

have you got any talon build pics too?

I got it from Paul. This one of their official demos

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Adman is Paul’s official partner.

I’m still back on your Talon :slight_smile: had to find an original deck to fit your beautiful enclosure.

Next buying a @3DServisas Mini gear drive and adapter for @riverside.rider’s blue Bergmeisters.

RenderedImage RenderedImage image image image

The medium glass frit will be blue in the blue stain and clear over the unstained wooden part.

All because of your design, bro :slight_smile: keep pushing!


your way ahead of me!!1

i ordered the nano drive, custom bergmeister adaptor, unity heatsink and focbox unity so far and am still talking to subsonic about my SPECIAL ORDER (carbon bottom, acid green grain design, and custom +20mm tail) Talon :slight_smile:

I got so much to buy and so much to learn but hell lets do this!!!

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thats great thank you very much and just what will make the best board available.

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righteous :slight_smile: just make sure the dimensions match up between Alan’s Talon enclosure and the custom Talon you order.

Subsonic changed the mold and the custom Talon I received was too small for my eBoosted enclosure, so I sold it and bought a factory Talon (pictured above).

good hunting!

looks like ill need to talk to @adman and @Subsonic_Paul privately to check but thanks for pointing that out to make sure.

yep i want the eboosted enclosure too so it needs to fit.


hows your build coming along? is it a lightning powered murder board yet?

My spot welder broke down, I’m waiting for a diode to fix it and I’ll continue the battery build.

That’s the only thing left to finish and then the grip tape, to be honest I can’t wait to finish it


Did you build yours from a microwave transformer?

Ran some wiring today!


Really enjoy see the updates. Amazing built

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what degree are you using in the back? I found a 45 works the best then you have more room to adjust the mounts straight. Looks amazing

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It has the original dewedged tail angle, the SR RKP do not have adjustable angle so it might end up like it is

I took a picture of the surfrodz rkp rear and front base plates. You will see the rear in yellow is 45 front silver is 50. Iv used 50 in the rear before and even put a 15 angle riser.

20190403_192616-01 20190402_162124 20190403_192738 20190402_163102 20190402_162203 20190402_162139


Sorry if these pictures dont explain well. The eC40 will use “new school” bolt pattern. This will allow the holes to be 3/4inch or 20mm from tail end.
FYI this build is using the same deck Ive been prototyping with since I met @Subsonic_Paul . I have beat the hell out of it even changed rail colors a couple times. lol. Bolt holes are still stress free clean with no ware. I’ve been doing many angle versions and I can get most of anyone’s ride style to work. Has anyone used a 45 degree angle on the rear? For first version of eC40 it will have 2 height options for a wire channel risers that will protect the surfrodz base plate protrusion. Comments and input appreciated.

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Building the Samsung 30Ts 1s4p packs:

20190409_164712 20190409_164725