❗ Sudden Intermittent Braking Issue?

Hi, My board sometimes has a sudden jolt from the brake at full. This is completely random and I don’t really want to eat street any time soon. Also some times it won’t brake at all. WTF IS HAPPENING!?

I am using:
Mboards 7s2p Streetwing - focbox Streetwing - mini trigger remote Anything else you need to know about the build please ask as I really need help with this!

Do you use a bms for discharge? If yes than the bms could cut out if you for example break with full charged battery or if you pull more amps than your bms can handle

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Most likely your phase wires(motor wires) are shorting: check them and make sure they are properly insulated and not touching each other.

EDIT: If it doesn’t brake, accelerate or work at all sometimes then most likely your BMS is cutting power to your FOCBOXES.

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@Andy87 & flori I will check with Mboards if the BMS is for discharge.

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If yes, than also ask what’s the rating for the discharge. I mean how much amps the bms can handle.

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Did you notice that you can’t break when you fully charged or is it totally random?

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totally random, im in a waiting list of 36 people right now :frowning_face:

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What are your motor kv and wheel size and motor/wheel pulley tooth counts?

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You can connect to the VESC if it hasn’t been powered-off yet and type “faults” on the terminal to see details


though you would show up soon, haha. motor KV 190 motor pulley 15 teeth wheel pulley 60 wheel size 6" or 152mm

Post 2: i will try that now, just opening up the board

@b264 no faults 10 chars

well…there’s your first problem.


@thisguyhere indeed

7s is pretty low voltage, can you verify your vesc battery settings.

you could be hitting hard cutoff, that would instantly stop power draw.


link the battery product page.

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is there a way to connect to the vesc with the bt module?


talking to Mboards is like talking to a wall. they will never reply


because its some dickhead* who just rebrands and resales, no knowledge of the inside of the product

just so you know most of his products come from diyeboard… and… well…yep.

*sort of joking, take it as you see it :man_shrugging:



honestly, when I bought the battery I wish I wasn’t so blind to see what really happened behind “MBoards”. I bought it with all postage fees paid option when it gets into the UK £60 fees. He just wanted to make extra £££. the cheeky bastard. so I couldn’t agree with you more

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the best people to purchase things from are those who post on the forums, with only a few exceptions (I cant think of any, but im sure there are some xd )

For batteries I reccomend cory: @ hyperIon1

enclosures: @ Eboosted

everything else is generally made in a factory, electronics wise…

of course this changes bc youre in europe, unfortunately I dont have any exp. with vendors over there, but (for batteries ) @ pjotr47 seems like a standup chap :stuck_out_tongue:

stay local, it helps cut down on shipping and you can even make connections with them via group rides if thats your thing, better builders = more experience = a better product for you

e: unmentioned everyone as it seemed unnecessary to drag their attention