❗ Sudden Intermittent Braking Issue?

so everyone, MBoards has said that the BMS is for discharge too

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Did they say how much this bms can handle? I could imagine that the bms is reason of your cut outs.

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nope they haven’t said how much it can handle. I do get a huge amount of sag tho when riding it goes from 100% charge to 47%

Thats very likely with a 7s2p battery. I can’t say it 100% but I would guess it’s the bms. If you have so much sag it means that you pull a good amount of amps, the same while breaking. If you break hard enough the bms tries to protect your battery from getting hit by too much amps and just cut out. Without battery you than also can’t break anymore.

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I’ve had a chat to Ben and I think we will sort out something Soon.

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That’s good to hear! No breaks, no good :point_up::sweat_smile: Especially if you drive on the road with cars and other people.

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If you are discharging through the bms and it’s chocked at a certain amp like 30a or 50a you will experience this every time. The bms try’s to do its job in both situations. When you draw from the battery and when you regenerate during braking. A bypass to direct discharge will solve this problem. In doing so you eliminate the chock in both directions. Your esc can now regulate input ( power in ) taking the place of discharge ( bms ) While still having charge and balance function on bms. This opens your pack ( battery ) to full potential

So I understand, MBoards is not really loved here. Unfortunately, I am a total newbie and fell into the trap :pensive:.

Second day riding and everything works so far, hoping it will last. But can you please please help me set up correct numbers in my vesc?

I have problems with breaking: from higher speed, the breaks are really soft, almost as if they were not working. Once the board is going slow, it hits the breaks really hard, almost falling over. That’s just for a second, then it goes soft again and then it hits them hard once more. All while constantly pushing the break throttle all the way down. Throttle curve at -20%. I assume it’s wrong settings, hoping it’s not in the hardware.

I’m using the direct drive kit, 10S Samsung 40T battery and FocBox - all from MBoards :expressionless:.

Thank you for your help and patience with a new guy :raised_hands:

I had sudden braking. Turned out, bad contact with one phase wire connector.