Super Clean ESK8

Hi esk8 builders, once I answered a man that would buy this Skateboard, I said him that the board was nice, but after some minutes reading I noticed that the guy don’t used a big size 6s battery, He used 12 1s lipo batteries, and put 6 of them in Series and 2 in parallel, so a 6s2p with 10Ah, Imagine this battery with a Bms, Hub Motor and a Vesc, it would be a M1 board

. What do you think about it?


not sure what the question is… but i’m over slim batteries… unless you are going all out overkill with a integrated carbon fiber deck/enclosure it just complicates things…

the only real benefit is that it looks a bit nicer… cons its actually huge. must have huge super stiff board. wiring is a pain. can’t do swappable packs… oh and it may actually be heavier since you need more surface area of material to cover them and all cells are exposed to impact…

and final side note. vesc. vesc. vesc…

True Story, but it looks more professional for me, and if you want slim batteries pack you always can buy at Alien Power

well it looks more like a regular board. but I use my board to ride not look at. :sweat_smile:

I think you may need to allocate more space for your electronics, especially if you plan to add a BMS. You’re also going need an e-switch or loop key, if your BMS does not have one

I purchased his board to build and upgrade upon I really liked the slim look aswell :)!

Guess that man was me lol

Yeah It Was ahahahahahah

How do you find those ESCs? Mine has terrible brakes…!

You mean Vesc? You can buy at DIY electric skateboard, Enertion, Alien Power, But you can’t use if your ERPM pass 60000, tell me your motor and your battery and I calculate for you

The boat esc is not good. So after riding it for the first time last week i ordered a vesc that i will put in there iso the boat esc

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Nice, tell me, does this skate have power enough?

Yes, i think Bart himself even went like 42kmh with it, I’m 66kg and the board has plenty of power for me so I might even go somewhat faster. However im not that big of a speeddevil so I’ll try to get the speed capped lower than the max speed, partly because i’m still unexperienced with skateing and partly because im a bit of a chicken :stuck_out_tongue: .

Yeah, saving up for a VESC replacement myself.

I mean Torque, Does it have enough?

Do you have the same skate?

Yeah after I made a hard fall while testing the speed and such luckily I decided: if i get into esk8 i better wear a helmet. Safed me from a big headache !

No I have the same boat ESC.

You mean as from stand still? For me if i push the board and get on it and pull the trigger I have to brace myself because if i dont the board will shoot out under me. If that is enough torque I dunno, dont know if the vesc will make a difference in torque either. However bart did advise me not start riding from a standstill.

Ive done the calc’s but here is the specs:

gearratio 1:2 7 poles 320KV motor 6s2P (22,2v)

Vesc can help you because you can set some configurations, but I think your motor have a high KV, It mean it can’t climb a hill, I asked because I have a 300kv motor and I’m afraid of it don’t have power