Super new at this need help

Folks I’m super new I’m having a rough time finding

these Awsome little pieces and I can’t figure out how to connect my unity to my motors because they no longer color coated.Please folks I’m loosing it I just want to ride so laugh if must I haven’t been able to ride for 2 months I am loosening it.To top it off everywhere I reach out I get nonsense. I live in Santa Cruz there is Electronic stores that have the parts that I need and I’m losing it Please please help me thank you

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Don’t trip hombre it’s not that hard. What’s up


Ditch the sensor wires. Now it’s just phase wires. Is that boosted connection?


I know the white piece is called the JST connector but not sure about the blue piece.

white is sensor plug. Other is a usual electric bicycle connector. Look on ebay and they should have pigtails.

As for motor wires, shoot craps, do enee, meenie Then, if it is backwards, switch two.

If your running vesc based esc phase don’t matter once you run detection. You may have to click inverted direction, no big deal.

Can we see the motor wires in a picture?

then i can draw on top of picture showing exactly what do to

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So I need to know what the name of the wire connectors are at the the end of the sensor pigtail also only one side is color coded.So should I not put the yellow plugs on the motors so I can have the freedom if switching wires around? Man I just want to ride I’m stressing like I stated I’m a super rookie first time doing anything like this but I’ll get it. I have a Kaly NYC and a onsra direct drive with 2 foc boxes I have a 10 s 4 p and a 12 s 4 p I want to put all of it together see how that works . Interested in giveing me any ideas or suggestions Thank you

Use these diagrams to see how to connect motor to focbox

Now we just need to clearly see the wires here, you need to identify them, the motor manufacturer can do this for you. Or tell us what the motor is. image

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Thanks again I have new plugs coming tommoro but I still need the name to the sensor wire plug I ordered some but they are a size to big but I don’t know the specific name of said plug Thank you for taking the time to help me very much a dyeing idea in our construct…

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Oh yeah what are these exactly please

I know one is for the controller but the other I’m lost if that’s not the blue tooth

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Both are remote controller receiver

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@Kaly can answer the question about the connectors

Actually no he can’t I’ve tried the good ole Ernesto and he was a dick took my money I had to argue with him about getting it back the guys a real cool one I tell you.

So I’m screwed I guess I’ll just do what the other guy said eny meany miny mo. I wish you could tell me the name of the white bar that holds the wires so I can plug it in to the foc box please so I can order them

As written before, the white bar is a 6 pin jst connector (maybe micro jst actually).

You are not super clear in your messages, you basically keep saying that you are screwed and need help and are new and need help and please and you want to ride.

I know this feeling but begin to be more clear, put spaces in your posts, and explain exactly what the problem is. Is this broken? Why? How do you know? You just want more of those cables to have spare parts?

@onloop gave you the wiring diagrams of the focbox, if it’s only the white bar that is broken, get new ones, and with this diagram it will not be hard to rewire it.

You could even shunt the pigtails if they are the problem, cutting them. Then you connect directly wires together according to colors. If it was working before, it should wor again if they are not broken inside the motors. Black is ground, red is 5v, then you have 4 more, you ust have to know which one is temp, and the 3 left doesn’t matter the position.

The more specific and clear you are for explaining your problems, the sooner you will go back riding…


Sorry boss you are correct I’m not the best at communication at all.But I am trying what I’m trying to do is connect my motor wires to my foc box and they are not color labeled whom ever built it didn’t keep them the same so I was worried about messing up my motors by plug ing them in wrong.So also the JSt mini I guess there are 2mm 2.56 mm and the mini so I’m trying to buy these things ones and not have to buy every single size until I finally get lucky. I can’t do anything until I figure out that

So I figured out that the connectors are actually JST PH 2.0mm Took five different orders from amazon but I figured it out. There are an a overwhelming amounts of different JST connectors specifics are easier to actually identify. So I might have a tuff question here but I’m going to give it a try in a formate i hope all of the eskate boys can comprehend. I have a 10s 4 p battery I also have a 12s 4 p battery… Can I take 8 batteries in series for the 12s Cut the power plug from the 10 s solder the pos and neg wires to the eight batteries I took from the 12s pack in series and whala I now have a 12s 4 p right . I know why take from the 12s adding to 10 s way not just use the 12s. Well because the 12s is from a Kaly NYC and the way it was built it’s very un safe it almost caught my house on fire no fish paper wires crossing and that’s enuff problem for me to just not want to fiddle with it and break it down so it’s just a bunch of safe batteries and not a awful fire hazard. That’s why.So back the the question at hand 8. 18650 in series soldered to the positive and neg wires of a 10s 4 p battery pack Will that then become a 12 s 4 p Help me out I know it’s out there these dame yanks or what ever you call Americans I think it sounds pretty right on but I’m an idiot and I want to know for sure not trying to burn the house down.

I wouldn’t suggest jumping into battery modification without doing some basic battery 101. I’d stay 10s with more p.

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Haha… i could have told you that… my apologies.

Thought you where trying to workout what the other connectors are…

I guess it pays to be VERY CLEAR in how you ask your questions…